Disney Cruise Line #fishextender gift idea

This post is sponsored by dcl fish extenders.com, where guests can find cruise mates for Disney cruises and join in on fish extender fun!  This post also contains affiliate links.

I’ve been home from my most recent Disney cruise for just over a month and already I’m longing for the next one.  Sigh.  Unfortunately, we don’t have anything booked for the near future and so I have to find creative ways to express my Disney travel dreams.  Wouldn’t you know that sort of Disney dreaming resulted in a super cute new idea for a fish extender gift?  Indeed it did.  See for yourself.


Tell me that is not the most adorable not-so-hidden Mickey you’ve ever seen.  Go on, tell me.  No?  I knew you couldn’t.

It couldn’t have been simpler to make.  It’s an eos organic lip balm that I dolled up to resemble a little Mickey head.  I made it easy for you to duplicate it, too.  Just print this Mickey ear template onto black cardstock and cut out the shapes.  Then fold back the tabs and adhere two ears to each lip balm using ZOTS.  That’s it.  You’re done.  I told you it couldn’t be simpler.

Tip: for ease of transporting these cute little guys, you might find it best to cut out the ear pieces at home and board the ship with everything unassembled.  Just bring the lip balms, cardstock ears and ZOTS with you.  I promise these will be easy peasy to assemble in your stateroom in just a couple of minutes.


Before you know it, you’ll have a whole little army of Mickey lip balm heads ready to give out to your fish extender friends.  Enjoy!


  1. Adorable! Our next cruise is 1 year and 2 weeks away. :( Haven’t decided yet if we are going to do fish extenders or not this time. Our kids do love getting “mail” every day, so they’ll probably talk us into it…

  2. Do you think the staff would enjoy these as well? I am making a few for the teen girls on my FE list and have a bunch left over.

  3. Cute! I was going to try to assemble these but it seems that the plastic shrink wrap protection is too high to place the ears & have them stay on?? Or would people be ok with the ones that I’d have to open the packaging (no shrink wrap protection on them) & place the ears on?! I guess as long as the inside lip balm looked new I would be okay with that. I just don’t want to waste $$ on something that may get tossed!

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