Disney Pixar’s BRAVE: a giveaway

Over the course of her life, my daughter, Kennedy, has had many an encounter with the Disney princesses.  Whether we were dining with them at Cinderella’s Royal Table in Magic Kingdom, or meeting and greeting in the Rose Garden, they’ve always delivered variations of the same comment: “Oh my, you remind me of my friend, Ariel!”  Kennedy, you see, has hair as red as fire and–until recently–Ariel was the only princess to whom she could be compared.

Enter: Merida.  Like Ariel, Merida is a fiery redhead with a will unbreakable.  Disney’s newest princess hails from the Highlands of Scotland and is introduced to us in Disney Pixar’s BRAVE.  When age-old custom threatens to lock Merida into a strait-laced life she can’t fathom, she dares to challenge tradition and in so doing, sets off a chaotic chain of events that threaten those she holds most dear.  BRAVE is chock full of mystery and adventure, though at its core, it’s a heroic tale of redemption and courage.  This film–like it’s Disney Pixar predecessors–goes beyond great storytelling; the opening scene takes viewers along on a sweeping journey through the Scottish Highlands, accompanied by a musical score that echoes with bagpipes and Celtic harps.  Together, the film’s vivid imagery and Gaelic musical score will leave you feeling as though you’ve literally stepped into Ancient Scotland and you’re watching Merida’s epic adventure unfold firsthand.

When I first saw Tiana, from Disney’s Princess and The Frog, I was captivated by her artfully-drawn eyes.  The same is true of Merida’s untamed locks in BRAVE.  Other standout details of the film include the troublesome little bears whose curiosity leads them up all the wrong trees.  The Scottish suitors, too, offer comic relief and left me especially sympathetic to Merida’s cause.

I LOVE this movie–and more specifically, this princess.  Not only that, but now I’m dying to visit Scotland and see the sights and experience the culture depicted in this movie firsthand.

BRAVE debuts November 13th on DVD, Blu-ray Combo Pack, Digital and On-Demand.  The 5-Disc Combo Pack features tons of fun bonus material, including: two shorts (Pixar’s shorts are always hilarious), behind the scenes clips showing how Pixar’s creative team embraced Scottish themes, an inside look at the are and design behind the various bears in the film, details on the dynamic contrasts between Merida and her mother, a feature revealing the magic and mystery of Scotland, extended scenes, directory commentary, and much more!

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*Special thanks to Disney Pixar for providing me with this film for review and giveaway. All opinions are my own.*

49 Replies to “Disney Pixar’s BRAVE: a giveaway”

  1. My girls and I LOVED Brave. They’ve been asking constantly if it’s out on DVD yet, and telling Chris he has to watch it, too. :D I’ll be buying it in the stores…unless, of course, we win. ;)

  2. I’ve always been partial to Cinderella and Belle but now I’m a bit obsessed with Rapunzel. I even made my grand daughter a Rapunzel dress complete with an ankle length braid for Halloween!

  3. My favorite princess was Snow White in the past, but more recently it is Rapunzel and her free spirit! It didn’t hurt that at WDW, she made my Cate’s day (maybe even year or lifetime) when she danced with her in the meet and greet!!!!!

  4. We may be one of the last families on Earth who have yet to see Brave, but we are excited to check it out! Our favorite princess to date is Cinderella.

  5. What a great movie!!! Thanks for the giveaway, my favorite princess is Ariel!!!

  6. I’d have to say that Rapunzel and/or Merida are my favorite Disney princesses. I like their strength and independence…more what I’d like my daughters to learn than the ‘I need a prince’ theme of all the others!

  7. Cinderella is the favorite at our house. We’ve had a themed birthday party and dressed as Cinderella for Halloween… Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  8. I have not see Brave yet, though my daughter and Husband have. My favorite Disney Princess is Belle. I love that she loves to read and able to love beyond looks.

  9. Growing up, my favorite was Cinderella. I’m glad my sons get to see a kick-butt style princess like Merida. Times have changed a bit!

  10. Favorite Disney Princess: Belle. I appreciate her kind heart – and I relate to how she always has her nose in a book. ;)

    P.S. Our girls haven’t seen BRAVE yet, but I bet they would enjoy it.

  11. Loved Brave! Took my daughters on my youngests 10th birthday :) Her favorite princess is Cinderella! I have the most precious picture of her meeting her at Disney when she was 4.

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