There’s this thing I do.  It’s like spring cleaning, intensified.  This time last year I was in the midst of making over several rooms in my house.  This time this year I’m–once again–making over several rooms in my house.  After last year’s makeover, you’d think I would have learned to do one room at a time.  But no.  This time I set out to update two bathrooms.  And then my oldest daughter unexpectedly vacated her bedroom and left me with yet another blank canvas of a room.  So yeah.  Three rooms.  Here we go again.

As is often the case with projects like these, the affected areas look as though a tornado has passed through.  bathroom remodel-1100That ladder has been there for days.

bathroom remodel-1104There are open boxes on pretty much every flat surface in our house.

bathroom remodel-1111Painting paraphernalia too.  Paint chips.  Paint rollers.  Paintbrushes.  Painters tape.  Paint testers (in colors that I ruled out immediately).

bathroom remodel-1114And unopened quarts and gallons of paint (in colors that make me smile).

bathroom remodel-1103 There are discarded towel bars–ugly builder’s chrome ones with zero character.

bathroom remodel-1110And boxes just waiting their turn.  Light fixtures and faucets and oil-rubbed bronze bathroom hardware.  Extra-long shower curtains with cute little ‘s’ shaped hangers.

bathroom remodel-1112Oh, and screws, pliers, wrenches and tools.  Even a bottle of wood glue here and there.

The pièce de résistance in bathroom number one is to be the crown molding that I talked my handier-by-the-day husband in to hanging.  He promised it would be done in a weekend and though I had my doubts I went with it, fearing a disaster or two.  To my surprise and delight, the crown molding install was not disastrous.  That’s not to say all went well here in the DIY land of weekend warriors though.  We had a small mishap with the installation of a new bathtub lever.  A mishap that left water gushing and consequently soaked the drywall.  The mister and I may have exchanged some heated, frantic words at that point.  And we may or may not have given each other the silent treatment for the next twelve hours or so.

bathroom remodel-1113The fact that we had to call in a plumber on a Sunday (cha-ching!) may only have exacerbated things.

bathroom remodel-1106You can imagine, then, how things might have gone when the mishap necessitated the cutting through of a wall.

bathroom remodel-1102Somehow I hadn’t envisioned this as the ideal view from my new office.  Sigh.

In any case, all is well that ends well.  I’m happy to report that my handy, handsome husband absolutely rocked the crown molding (which, I’m assured, is no small thing).  And in case you didn’t pick it up in my tone, we patched things over rather smoothly.

Now if only he can do the same with that hole in the wall.  In due time, I’m sure.

I’ll post pictures of the completed project when it’s, well, completed.  Here’s hoping that happens sooner than later.

6 Replies to “DIY”

  1. Shoulda’ had me there for the plumbing project. I hate painting but love mechanical work!

  2. Gramps…unless you have a blow-torch and a pipe-cutters, I think you were under-tooled for that project.

  3. I didn’t plan to supply tools-just expertise. Also didn’t plan to expect wages so that would even out-right? Every marginally tool equipped home should have a blow torch and one pipe cutter on hand shouldn’t they?
    With age comes experience.
    I remember in my young, confident (read “full speed ahead”) & inexperienced age I made a move on a non-working water heater that resulted in having to buy a NEW water heater when all that was required was a $1.50 part to fix the old one.

  4. We’re right there with you – knee-deep in DIY.

    I’m happy to report that our house is now carpet-free and we rearranged the bedrooms this past week. It’s lovely. In fact, it feels like we moved!

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