don’t you wish your grandma was cute like mine?

At the beginning of the month my Grams drove up from her winter home in Yuma to celebrate Kennedy’s birthday with us.  While she was here, she caught a little glimpse of my interactions with Cassidy.  Or, in other words,  Cassidy’s general refusal to listen.  Always trying to help, Grams pulled Cassidy aside and told her that instead of disobeying, she should politely say, “yes, Mom,” when she is asked to do something.  Come bedtime that evening, I told Cass to go get her pajamas on and brush her teeth.  Almost instantly Cass started in on the feet dragging and whining I’ve come to expect, but Gram would have none of it.

“Cassidy,” she said, “what did I tell you to say when Mom asks you to do something?”

Knowing she’d been caught, Cassidy offered up a sheepish, “yes, Mom,” before turning on her heels and heading down the hall.

Not able to produce a response like that on my own, I promptly begged Grams to stay the whole weekend.  The month.  Forever, even.  But alas, her visit came to an end in the blink of an eye.  Still, I clung tightly to the novelty of Grams’ method for as long as it lasted.

Which, as it turned out, wasn’t long.

But just as the effect was wearing off, lo and behold Cassidy received an envelope in the mail.  Inside?

Tee hee.

Isn’t Grams the cutest thing ever?

I think so, too.

And yes, I’m totally keeping that little Mickey says card in my back pocket.

11 Replies to “don’t you wish your grandma was cute like mine?”

  1. Perfect explaination of how it takes a village. Cassidy is pretty lucky (and you too) to have Grams as a part of your life! xoxo

  2. Your Grams is awesome! I’m totally jealous … esecially since mine is such a meanie =)

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