Evolution of an Easter photo

I don’t know about yours, but on Sunday and Monday, my Facebook feed was overrun with beautiful family photos of loved ones far and near.  All dressed in their Easter finest, it seems countless families took to picnicking in grassy fields where colorful spring flowers served as a lovely backdrop for quick snapshots.  Here in the desert, we lack aformentioned grassy fields with colorful spring flower backdrops, so my family settled for a quick snapshot on the front doorstep.  I kind of had hoped that my spring wreath would add a festive feel, but, well, beggars can’t be choosers.  Why beggars, you ask?  Beggars because without any extended family close to celebrate with, we had to rely on the camera’s self-timer for our Easter photo.  This is not an unfamiliar procedure.  I learned how to use it years ago out of necessity and the knowledge has served this family well ever since.  Admittedly, though, it is kind of a humorous process.  It goes a little something like this.

Step 1: Arrange the family in front of the lens and take a trial shot.  Knowing that is is step one of many, the family either ignores this boring part of the routine or opts to pose awkwardly for comic relief.


Step 2: Direct the family to move an inch this way or that while husband stands stoically behind, oblivious to pretty much all of it.


Step 3: Accidentally zoom out while intending to zoom in.


Step 4: Oops.  A little heavy-handed on the zoom there, now weren’t we?  Also, *tap tap*, are you awake in there?


Step 5: Better on the zoom.  And it looks as though something distracted the walker in the back.


Step 6: Well.  I guess that’s going to have to do.  Oh, and ask Macgyver back there to remove his sunglasses.  Note that even without the glasses he continues to zone.  His years at West Point taught him well the art of sleeping with his eyes open.


Step 7: Hit the shutter button and quickly run into place, fingers crossed for full cooperation.


Step 8: Dopey up front didn’t get the memo.  That’s okay though.  I think I’d like to try a horizontal orientation instead.


Step 9: Oops.  Too much top space, not enough bottom.  Take two.


Step 10:  Almost.  One…more…try….


Close enough. ;)  We hope your Resurrection Sunday was as full of hope and rejoicing as ours was.


  1. Such a good looking family! We were lucky and had family in town this year to take our picture. A rare thing, indeed.

  2. Thanks so much for all the flattering pictures that make me look like such a snob on the world wide web……

  3. Great photos! We didn’t even take the time…. always rushing out the door to church.
    I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip. Call me when you get a chance. We need to schedule the Napa trip!

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