UPDATE: My 2018 Fall Decorating Ideas Home Tour is live now. Check out this year’s post for an update on these modern farmhouse fall decor ideas.

Some people count down the days until summer. And others wait wistfully for spring with its gardening and fresh blooms. I’m a fall girl, myself. The crisp autumn air breathes life into my soul like nothing else can. It brings cozy sweaters and colorful leaves and warm baking spices — all my favorite things. Of course, I can’t let so glorious a season pass without ensuring that my home is decked out accordingly.

Even more than I love decorating for Christmas, I love dreaming up the best fall decor ideas and creating cozy corners all through the house. The best thing about fall decor is that it’s ridiculously easy to do. Faux pumpkins, chunky blankets and cute pillows go so far in making any space reflect all the best parts of autumn. I waited as long as I possibly could to implement my fall decor ideas and today, my friend, I’m so excited to take you on a fall home tour of my modern farmhouse-style home.


Fall Decor Ideas | Dining Room

Let’s start in the dining room, shall we? Although the formal dining room in my home doesn’t see a ton of use, it is highly visible to anybody who comes or goes and so I wanted to be sure to show it some fall decor love. Since our family eats most of our meals at a casual table in the breakfast nook of my kitchen, I opted not to do formal place settings in the dining room and went instead with a showstopper of a centerpiece on my chunky, chippy farmhouse table.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

What do you think about using neutral colors for fall? Rather than the traditional warm earthy colors, I went with cool grays, creamy whites and a beautiful seafoam green. For florals, you’ll notice a lot of eucalyptus leaves, frosted lamb’s ear and cotton stems. Most of the faux pumpkins were purchased at Michaels this year and last. I also found the cute little faux acorns there.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

I brought in several neutral, wooden candlesticks for height. The vignette is anchored on a natural-fiber, rustic table runner and builds out from an aged wooden crate that I found at Hobby Lobby.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors


Fall Decor Ideas | Living Room

We have a great room just off my home’s formal dining room. The ceiling opens up to the second floor staircase, allowing for a massive stone fireplace to act as the space’s focal point.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

For its fall makeover, this room received a few pumpkins on the built-ins and the olive branches that normally occupy the large glass vase were replaced with cotton stems. I also decorated a wire cloche with some greenery, grapevine wreaths and a small faux pumpkin.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

It was fairly tough for me to come up with fall decor ideas for the wire cloche. I called on Pinterest for inspiration but came up short. In the end, I just threw together some odds and ends I had on hand and it worked well enough that I left it alone.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

The great room is probably my least favorite room in the house when it comes to fall decor. I think part of my issue with it is that it’s such a huge space that it’s tough to make it feel authentically cozy. I’ve decided that I’m going to focus more on this room next year and try to come up with some fall decor ideas that make it feel warm, but not cluttered. I’m thinking of painting the built-ins white. Do you think that would look good?

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

Fall Decor Ideas | Kitchen

Next up is the kitchen. We chose the floorplan of our house because of our kitchen. We spend a crazy ton of time in there and so it was important to us that it was open and roomy and extremely functional. The good news is that it successfully meets that checklist.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

When it comes to fall decor ideas for the kitchen, I went with a ‘less is more’ approach. We are very active in our kitchen at least twice a day and so I didn’t want a lot of stuff cluttering my counter tops. A couple of vignettes is all it took to give this space a festive, seasonal look while maintaining my need for empty space.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

I, of course, opted to use a plethora of pumpkins in my vignettes. The white ceramic ones were a Target dollar spot find last year. The birch candle holders are from World Market, and I picked the olive bucket up at Hobby Lobby.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

I found two of my seltzer bottles at an antique store during our fall break trip to Asheville, NC last year. The third one is a seltzer knockoff from Michaels. If you can’t find seltzer bottles, you could gather cotton stems into a galvanized jug for a vignette that would be similar in height and style.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

I can’t get over how beautiful the color of those seafoamy green/gray pumpkins are. I just love them. This one looks so cute perched atop a bed of eucalyptus stems, don’t you think? I adorned the bottom of the cake stand with some additional faux pumpkins for a super simple vignette next to the stove.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

Fall Décor Ideas | Family Room

Here in Alabama, the family room is called the ‘keeping room’. The term stems from colonial times when folks used to huddle up in a room just off the kitchen to be kept warm from the heat of the stove. Our keeping room is probably my favorite fall room in the house.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

The sectional in here really amps up the cozy factor. And then the abundance of pillows gives the space incredible texture and personality. I’m telling you: when the fireplace is roaring in this room, there’s nowhere better to be.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

My love for faux pumpkins and antlers is evidenced in this room, too.  This simple grouping comes together nicely on a tray with some greens in a decorative Mason jar.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

That pillow, right? How cute is that. I picked that up for less than ten dollars at Michaels. The drapey blanket was a Home Goods find last year but this cable knit throw is similar.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

We’ve been having the most beautiful weather in Alabama so far this month. Not quite time to curl up with a cozy blanket in front of a fire, but soon.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

Every time I post a photo of this room with the numbers, someone inevitably asks the significance of the numbers. Here’s the scoop: it’s address art. I’m working on a post with a tutorial on how to personalize one for your space. Keep an eye out for that.


 Fall Decor Ideas | Breakfast Nook

As I mentioned before, we eat the majority of our meals at the table in our breakfast nook. It’s super convenient and sized just right for the four of us.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

You might remember that in last year’s fall decor ideas post I featured my dough bowl on the dining room table. I wanted to switch things up a bit this year, so I moved it to the side table in my breakfast nook. I’m thinking it’s found a seasonal home there.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

Dough bowls are so easy to decorate. I threw a bunch of pumpkins in there and some stems from Michaels and voilà. Done.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

The fabric banner goes a long way in adding some personality and texture to the space. And, of course the cotton is a southern staple ’round this time of year. My tin stars are a discontinued Pottery Barn item but if you’re looking for a set of your own, you’re in luck because Amazon offers tin stars that are much more affordable than the ones I bought. For size reference, mine are 24″ and 36″.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

Confession: our breakfast nook table never looks like this. Not ever. But it sure made a pretty picture, didn’t it?

That, my friends, brings us to the end of my fall decor ideas home tour. I hope you enjoyed your stay. Come back soon, okay? I’ll make chai. We’ll have tea.

Fall decor ideas | How to decorate for fall with neutral colors

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  1. Lovely! I adore the seasonal color scheme. And I’m now inspired to look for some new chunky blankets.

  2. I just want to say that your fall ideas are beautiful with the warm earthy tones.
    I love how you incorporated the pumpkins throughout the house.
    I enjoy the fall season as well and it feels like fall already here in California.
    I will definitely use some of your tips.
    Happy Fall season !!!

    1. Thank you so much, Melody! I’m glad you enjoyed my tour. I grew up in California and do love fall there. There’s nothing quite like fall with a hint of ocean in the air!

  3. That is a beautiful wooden table. The grayish looking one where did you get it from?

    1. Thank you Nichole. I think you’re referring to the table in the breakfast nook? That one is a Wayfair find.

  4. I love all of your decor. I’m new to you sites. Question are the pumpkins real or no? If not how did you color them? I really do love the colors.

    Happy Fall

    1. Hi Wendy. Welcome to Such the Spot. Glad you found me! The pumpkins are faux. I’ve been collecting them over the years. They are pictured as purchased straight off the shelves; I didn’t alter the colors in any way. Most of them are from Michaels. Happy Fall to you, too!

  5. Love your decor!! I decided to go with the lighter colors for fall and I love the greens, blues and whites, so relaxing! Oh, I think the shelves by the fireplace would look great painted white. You might even paint the back of them in one of the wonderful shades of gray for contrast.

    1. Thank you so much, Sandi. I also appreciate your feedback on the built-ins. You’re the only person who responded to me on that!

      1. I love the contrast of the dark shelves in the living room! I was surprised it is your least favorite room because it is the one that most inspired me! I love the high ceilings and floor to ceiling fireplace. Generally I am all for painting woodwork out in white but in that room with the white walls for the backdrop, the dark shelves look amazing and also draw your eye to the dark railing to the right.
        Barbara P
        (First visit to your home and blog )

  6. Your home and it’s décor is lovely. I am certainly a fan of the neutral/whites/faded colors in Fall Décor and you have certainly done a superb job with this look. The best part is that this type of fall décor can go up in September and last through Thanksgiving. If you need a Halloween “tweek” that can be done in small doses and then removed without having to redo everything. Love all your faux pumpkins, you have wonderful collection. Like Sandi, I think the built-ins would look great painted white. If you use a color on the shelf backs, a grey I like is “A New Grey” by Sherwin Williams, it has a slightly warmer, brownish cast to it but is still a grey and works well with wood tones and pale tans/browns/greys/blues and greens. So many greys are very cold and only look good with white/Black/red (to me that is a more “modern/contemporary” look). Also, since your ceiling is so high, you could maybe beef up the crown molding on the top of the built ins. Perhaps a straight board and then another row of the crown. I think a few tall pieces on top would also look nice and play to the height of your room. Everything you have done in your home is so well thought out it was a real pleasure to tour your featured rooms and be inspired.

    1. All of your suggestions are so appreciated, Jill! I totally agree with you about being able to leave the neutral fall decor up from September through November. I love the ability to do that and the warmth and personality it adds to our home. I hadn’t considered beefing up the crown molding on the built-ins but that is an excellent idea. I’ve been keeping an eye out for just the right tall pieces for the top but I haven’t found just the right thing yet. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment!

  7. Let me just say that your home is stunning!!! I wish I could put you in my pocket to help me decorate mine, haha! I love the Neutral fall look, too… fantastic job and thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much, Jenn! Personally, I’ve always wished for a pocket masseuse, so I totally understand the desire for a pocket decorator. ;) Thank you for stopping by and for your thoughtful comment!

  8. Absolutely GORGEOUS! I have my home decorated similar in all neutrals and I love the Pumpkin displays. I especially like the Fireplace stone you have it is beautiful as all your finishes. :)

    As for the built in’s on either side of the fireplace I like the dark as it is, but I could visualize them painted and that would look great too!

    Thank you for sharing. xoxo


  9. Love your home! I wouldn’t paint the book cases. I think the contrast adds interest and painting them white would make them disappear.

    1. I LOVE contrast, Sharon, and that’s exactly why I had them built/stained the way I did. I would definitely miss that aspect if I did decide to paint them. We have a mountain lot with shade trees behind our house and so we don’t get a lot of light. Painting the built-ins would improve the overall dark feeling in the house, I think, so I’m still tempted but not convinced. Thanks for your comment!

  10. I’m dying for the address art tutorial post! I’ve searched google & Pinterest and yours are truly one of a kind!

  11. Beautifully understated elegance…

    We have been renovating the last 2 years and our house went from earth tones to beautiful Grey/Beige & warm Whites.
    You have inspired me with you’re color choices and the amount of pumpkins tying all the rooms together.
    Thanks for sharing, I am now a fan!

    ‘;* )

    1. Thank you for such an encouraging comment, Cynthia. We, too, transitioned from earth tones to what you see in these photos. Only, we did it by moving across country to a new house! Your way is probably a bit easier. ;) Have fun with your project!

  12. I absolutely love everything! I have those Michael’ s pumpkins and love neutral decor. May I ask where you got your dough bowl. It looks more of a softer gray brown than the bowls I have been finding. Love it!

    1. Hi Mary! Thank your for your kind words.

      I bought that dough bowl long before they were widely available locally. I got it on Etsy from Hungary. It’s the real deal. ;)

  13. Absolutely loved your decor style! I was feeling uninspired trying to decide what to do with my home and found your lovely post! I am now feeling encouraged and excited to decorate my Michigan home! Thanks a bunch!

    1. So happy to hear that, Dianne! Fall is one of my favorite seasons to decorate for. I hope you have as much fun with it as I do.

  14. Gotta love what you’ve done with your keeping room. Since winter is fast approaching, I am still trying to figure out how to redecorate our own family room to not only be cozy but also remind us of autumn. Aside from opting for pumpkins and cotton branches, I would find retailers that stock of other decorations I can use to spruce my home up for fall. That way, not only will my house stand out but also keep the cozy atmosphere until it is time for winter.

  15. Loving the soft, neutral palette! Also, those pumpkins have a fantastic shape!! Would you be willing to share where they’re from? Thanks so much <3

    1. Hi Andrea! Thank you for your kind words. Most of the pumpkins pictured are from Michael’s, but there are a few from Marshall’s, TJ Maxx and Hobby Lobby as well.

  16. Very beautiful home! Can you tell me where the plaid blanket in front of the fireplace is from? The colors are exactly what I’m look for. Thanks!

  17. Love your harvest table and Decor!
    Where did you find the rattan round chargers for your table?
    Thank you,

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