Fall outfit inspiration

This has been an exciting travel year for me.  In March we enjoyed a family trip to Walt Disney World.  In June, Torri and I set off to explore Europe with Adventures by Disney.  We went to Boise and San Diego over the summer.  We have an upcoming return trip to Walt Disney World followed by a Western Caribbean cruise.  And in the fall, we’ll cross another travel bucket list destination off of our list when we visit California’s wine country with our friends.

I’ve been in planning mode for that wine tasting trip.  In addition to accommodations and dining, I’ve been giving some thought to wardrobe.  I maybe also have wasted a ridiculous amount of time putting together outfits on Polyvore.  But since time spent blogging is never a waste, I thought I could go ahead and post my creations so that–technically–the time I spent putting them together could be considered productive.  You’ll vouch for me, right?

This first one is super casual and would make for a great outfit to wear on the airplane, yes?

Wine country travel day

And then there is this cute little number. Ideal for visiting wineries and, well, sipping and savoring.

weekend in Napa

Who would dare leave behind her favorite pair of riding boots when visiting wine country in the fall? Not I. Oh no, not I.

wine tasting weekend

And last but not least, I thought this would work well for our return trip home. We’ll be spending the majority of that day in chilly San Francisco, so the cute and chunky cardigan will be nice to cozy up in when those bay breezes blow.

good food good wine

I am most definitely looking forward to this trip. With any luck, my hard-working husband won’t mind if I do a little shopping to ensure that my suitcase can live up to the outfits I created :)


  1. Funny – I saw this because I was checking the weather averages in Sonoma for our trip hoping cargo shorts and t-shirts would do the trick ;)

    1. That is such a huge compliment. Really it is because I always feel challenged in the fashion department. Thank you, friend!

  2. That is a lot of traveling! I definitely see a pattern in your color choices. I like it. But why do all your jeans have rips in them? I guess if you are going to be shopping for our trip I will have to do the same, minus the rips. Except since I don’t like shopping much I probably won’t.

    1. You sound like my Grandpa! He’s forever making cracks about the holes in my jeans. But I am happy to report that my jeans don’t all have holes in them. Those were just the best examples of jeans I could find for my photos. Not that I mind holey jeans.

      I know you don’t like shopping. I don’t care what you wear, I’m just super excited to see you guys!

  3. I am such a man. I cannot fathom putting together outfits like this. I think we have so much in common and then you do one of these posts and I realize I am from Mars!

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