Fall transition outfit ideas

If your Pinterest stream is anything like mine, right about now you’re likely bombarded with images reminiscent of Fall.  There are tons of pumpkin desserts and harvest decor ideas and Halloween treats floating around over there.  Here in Arizona we’ve got quite some time until the weather even considers taking a turn.  Soon, though, we will have enough of a temperature change to warrant a return to the outdoors.  We’ll go back to eating al fresco at our favorite restaurants on date night.  And running errands will no longer require that we bring ice chests full of backup water bottles.  I’m looking forward to September.  So much so that I put together a few ideas for outfits to carry me from the stubborn summer heat to the welcome crispness of early Fall.

royal blue + turquoise + gold

I think this one is super cute for church. I never would have thought about pairing royal blue with turquoise until I saw it done on a store mannequin the other day. I loved the look and so I’ve duplicated it here.

Pink + orange casual

This one is perfect for an afternoon of running errands here in the desert southwest. I doubt I’d have need for the hoodie, but I’m a big fan of orange and pink paired together, so I went with it.

Outfit for running errands

This is another errand outfit. It totally feels nautical (or patriotic), no?

Blue + yellow + gray

If you’ve not noticed the trend towards colored denim, you’ve been hiding under a rock. I’m not totally convinced that I could pull this off (or that I’d even attempt to) but I do love the color combo.

Lace cream dress with turqoise and coral

Now this? This I love. This is something I totally would wear. In fact, I’m planning to wear something very similar next month at a conference I’m attending. And–get this–that dress is from Target. $20. For reals.

Navy dress w/ Western boots

That is another Target dress (which I may or may not have on order right this very second). I also am loving the trend of short western booties. I’ve got my eyes out for a pair of cheapies to wear for the season. Besides the boots, I really like the color combo of navy, yellow and coral in this outfit.

So, there you have it. Those are my ideas for Fall transition outfits. Do you have a favorite? Also, which fashion trends are you going to try out this season?


  1. Love the pink and orange, although I can’t wear orange. And turquoise and blue is so fresh. I have been wearing a lot of stripes this summer. I’m not sure what my fall fashion will look like.

  2. Love these transitional outfits! I hear you about looking forward to September: Florida may not let me bust out my boots for a while, but I can at least work in some of these light layers and autumnal colors (pink with orange– genius)! Thanks for the ideas!

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