Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

Progress on our house in Alabama has finally started to gain some momentum. It’s so fun to get texted photos from our real estate agent. Each new round of pictures show a ton of changes! Our cabinetry went in last week. With its addition, I really feel like it’s starting to look like an actual house instead of a construction site. Take a look with me.

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

This one shows the wall of cabinets where the range and fridge will be located. Speaking of the range, I am more than a little excited for it.

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

When we purchased the home, our builder was offering professional-grade GE Monogram appliances as a standard feature. And since I spend a significant amount of time cooking, you can imagine how crazy thrilled I am to call this baby mine. It includes six burners as well as a built-in griddle and double ovens. She’s a beauty, right?

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

Another one of the features I’m most excited about in our new kitchen is the sink situation. We had our builder plumb in a prep sink on the island. I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to working in a kitchen with two sinks. It seems that Jeff and are are constantly needing to use the sink at the same time when we’re preparing food together. When we were shopping for homes, one of our deal breakers was that there had to be room for a second sink in the kitchen. We also were fairly choosy with regard to the main sink. We wanted a farmhouse sink, but also really appreciate the look and convenience of stainless steel. Also, because we hand-wash all of our stainless cookware and a fair amount of our bakeware, I opted not to get the traditional open farmhouse sink with just the one ginormous bowl. We found this stainless version that has two extra-large bowls: one for washing and another for rinsing. It not only is going to look awesome in the kitchen, but it’ll be super functional, too.

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

When we were at the design center trying to choose a sink, I could not wrap my head around the functionality of a one-bowl sink. It came as a bit of a surprise to me when the design specialist told me that most of the homebuyers who come through the design center want the one-bowl sink because they don’t hand-wash dishes; they use the dishwasher almost exclusively. I hate doing dishes as much as the next girl, but so many of my pieces are hand-wash only. Anyway, this sink is the perfect fit for our needs.

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

In this wider view of the kitchen you can see the seeded glass-front cabinet bump out and the cutout for the microwave down below. Putting the microwave in an under-counter space is brilliant, right?! At the very bottom of the photo, you can see where our counter-height bar and bar stools will go.

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

This is our breakfast nook. It’s located right off the kitchen. It has a lovely wooded view in the back. The side windows face a neighbor’s home. I am still trying to decide on window coverings for this space. I’m struggling between two options.

  1. I’m considering doing plantation shutters on just the bottom half of the windows.
  2. Or, I’m considering simple white linen cafe curtains for the bottom half of the windows.

I love love love the look of white plantation shutters, but because our lot backs up to a heavily-wooded area, I’m concerned that between the shade from the trees and the bulky shutters, we might not get enough natural light into the space. I think I’ll give it a few weeks after we actually move in and see what the light situation is before I make any decisions.

I have, however, decided on how I want this space to look and feel. Take a peek at my style board.

Farmhouse kitchen inspiration and ideas

It makes me so happy every time I see it. Aren’t those just the coolest pendants? I love them. And the mix of textures and color on those dining chairs? My heart skips. The photo doesn’t depict it, but try to imagine that white pedestal table wrapped in a sheet of metal. That’s my goal. I need to try to find a metal worker when we get to Huntsville.

If you’ve got any input or ideas on widow coverings or metal-wrapped tables I’m all ears!




  1. The farmhouse style is pretty much complete opposite of my style, so I’m not much use there. But I’d prefer shutters because I would think curtains are too country, so maybe that means you need curtains!

    Despite it not being my thing, it all looks gorgeous and I know it will be a beautiful home. I am insanely jealous of that stove! That’s what I want when ours dies someday.

    The sink thing – opposite again. A single basin was an absolute must for us, and definitely no prep sink! Different strokes. :)

  2. I Love It, Love It, especially the microwave at waist level. I am getting excited for you.

  3. love the sink, what are your prep for drying options, for when you hand wash? That is one of the things we did not think of as we are not always together doing the hand washing, so our cookware needs to sit on the counter on a towel, until we can get to drying.

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