Have you started decorating your house for Christmas yet? I started three weeks ago and I’m still not finished. Getting there, but not finished. I wanted to share a few of my favorite Christmas decor finds because they’re quickly going out of stock and if you’re in the market for a few new things, this might be the time to buy.

favorite christmas decor on a white background

Several of the finds I’m about to share are items that I’ve purchased for my own home this year (or already own) while others are things I discovered online that I think are super cute. I’ve included items that fall into both the inexpensive category and things that are more of a splurge. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have in the comments.

galvanized tin favorite christmas decor village house

This galvanized tin village is my favorite find of the year. It definitely falls into the splurge category but it’s just so cute. At night, the candles glow through all those cute little windows and it’s gives me all the Christmas feels.

galvanized tin favorite christmas decor village house

They have several different sizes and styles so it’s easy to create a modern Christmas village in any corner of your house.

favorite christmas decor styled on a console table

Also? This garland. It’s a steal. It’s super realistic looking, don’t you think? I added a few inexpensive berry picks from Michael’s and I love how it came together.

favorite christmas decor realistic cedar garland

This would make a great garland to drape a staircase or mantel, too.

favorite christmas decor cedar and eucalyptus trees

Oh, my goodness. These trees. How gorgeous are they? I love love love how realistic they look, all the way down to the base that looks like a real tree trunk. I am so glad I scored a couple of these this year. I have no doubt that these babies will sell out.

favorite christmas decor realistic juniper picks

As you might have noticed from my commentary so far, I’m not a fan of greenery that looks fake. And so when I discovered these awesome faux juniper picks I was super excited. The color and texture of them is so authentic-looking. And they’re a huge bargain. I added a few pine cone picks for visual interest.

favorite christmas decor knockoff pottery barn tree

I also discovered some really cute little faux trees in baskets. I’m sharing one in both the splurge category as well as a bargain find. They have a lot of similarities, don’t you think? The Pottery Barn tree comes pre-lit with pinecones and, to my eye, it’s the more desirable product, but the Target version makes a great alternative for a much lower price point. You could easily add a set of led lights like I plan to do).

I hope this helps you with your holiday decorating, friends. Have a great weekend!


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