pinkparty-3 Her favorite color changes with the wind. You wouldn’t have guessed it, though, based on her party decorations.

I started a board on Pinterest and asked her to join me in pinning ideas–details that would make her party unforgettable.  As the board filled–with both her pins and mine–I noticed a trend: pink.

There was an ombre rose cake.  What color do you want it? I asked.  Gray and silver she said.  Or Pink.  That pink looks nice.

I went with pink more because I didn’t trust my tinting abilities with something darker.  Only I ran out of white frosting so the ombre was disrupted by a blinding hot pink bouquet front and center.  Oh well. pinkparty-4

There were balloons.  So many that I had to call in long-winded reinforcements.  {No offense, Torri}.  We served pizza and cherry-pink 7-UP.  7-Up for seven giggly teen girls.  They giggled while they ate.  The long line of them shiver-giggled as they stood waiting for the hot tub.  And then they hushed each other, giggling late into the night.

There was a gift I cannot imagine ever having asked for, though it topped her wish list.  A unicorn mask.

pinkparty-1There were cake batter pancakes the next morning, served with a smothering of breakfast frosting, if there is such a thing.  This is what they serve in heaven, I overheard.

They quickly dressed and took the unicorn mask out for a spin, acting silly charades out as cars passed inquisitively by.  There was more giggling, I presume.

At fifteen, no longer stuck in the middle, but kind of she is.



  1. As a fellow pink-lover, I approve of this party so much. What a beautiful day! I love how it’s Pinterest worthy, but not over the top. Just a beautiful day, simply done and special.

  2. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!
    Awesome job with the cake. And where did you find those glass bottles & straws? Very cute!

    1. The glass bottles were from chai tea beverages from Target. I simply peeled off the plastic label (no sticky residue – yay!) and dumped the chai. The straws were also from Target in the party aisle.

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