A beautiful, functional and organized spice rack is one of life’s small pleasures, right? When I open the cabinet doors to my spice rack and find a place for everything and everything in its place, my heart gets a little pittery pattery. Until recently, I found spice rack organization to be one of those domestic tasks I just couldn’t quite achieve. It can be tough when your spices are stored in the containers you purchased them in; we all know that one brand’s tin is entirely incompatible with another brand’s glass jar. I’m here to tell you, though, that achieving an organized and beautiful spice rack is cheaper and easier than you might think. And once you see how cute the free printable spice jar labels I’m sharing today are, I think you’ll want to undergo a spice rack makeover A-sap. The best part is that you don’t need a fancy machine to create these labels; all you need is a set of widely-available Avery labels. I picked mine up at Walmart, but you can also order them from Amazon.

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Several small Ikea jars with free printable spice jar labels

Before creating these free printable spice jar labels, I searched Pinterest high and low, hoping I’d find a version I could simply download and print. Unfortunately, everything I found required the use of either a fancy vinyl printer or a Cricut cutting machine, neither of which I have access to. But after doing a little research, I figured out that I could create a customized version and print them onto ready-made Avery labels. I think I paid about ten dollars for a package of sixty labels and–after outfitting my entire spice rack with these cute labels–I have a couple of sheets leftover.

Free printable spice jar labels

The Avery labels are a two-inch diameter and fit perfectly on the same IKEA spice jars that I own. These particular jars can sit flat (as pictured here) or they can tilt forward by being placed on the flat side of the jar. My preference is for the jars to sit flat.Free printable spice jar labels

I would highly recommend ordering extra jars. I’ve found that it’s helpful to have an extra lying around in case I need to purchase a new spice that I don’t commonly use.

Free printable spice jar labels

You’ll be happy to know that I’ve done all the creative work for you here by creating .pdf files of free printable spice jar labels that you can download and print. Simply click on the images below and download them to your computer. Once you purchase your labels, you’ll be all set for printing.

Free printable spice jar labels

When it comes time to print, it’s always a good idea to print a test sheet on regular paper. Use your test sheet to ensure which way you should load your label sheets into the printer.

I printed my labels on the highest quality setting that my printer is capable of. I recommend you do the same, lest you end up with labels that look a bit faded.

Free printable spice jar labels


I continue to update this post with additional sheets of labels. If your favorites are not listed, be sure to note them in the comments and I’ll keep them in mind for my next revision. *Please note, these are an original design with purchased assets and I am not willing to share the names of fonts used.*

I hope you enjoy your beautifully organized spice rack as much as I’ve enjoyed mine!