Front Porch Makeover

Are you a Pinterest junkie like I am?  If so, you’ve probably been inspired by a pin.  Maybe you’ve even replicated something you’ve pinned.  Cooked or baked a pinned recipe?  If you’ve done any of the above, you’re a girl (or guy) after my own heart because, lately, I’ve found a ton of inspiration on Pinterest and have even gone to the trouble to getting those projects and recipes off of my boards and into my home.  The front porch makeover I’m about to show you is one of them.

Our front porch wasn’t too shabby to begin with.  It was, though, incredibly dull.  It exuded absolutely zero character and really didn’t serve as a warm welcome to guests who come to visit us.  Here is what it looked like:

{Yawn}.  Ho hum, right?  Right.  But it truly didn’t take much in the way of effort or funds to completely transform the space into a far more inviting entry, chock-full of character.

HUGE difference, right?  Huge!  Here’s what we did:

We started by jazzing up the outdoor seating area.  By adding a palm (tree – Costco $39, pot – Target $39), some outdoor pillows (Costco – $16 for the pair), and an outdoor rug (Target – $50) we created a cozy little {Such The} Spot where Jeff and I enjoy retreating to in the early evening with a couple glasses of porch-drinking wine.

We also added a splash of color and whimsy to the space by creating an outdoor chalkboard.  It was easy peasy.  We simply transformed a discarded decoration from Kennedy’s old bedroom by painting it with chalkboard paint (Home Depot – $10).  We then painted lengths of trim (Lowe’s – $7) a fresh yellow color that coordinated with the pillows.  Jeff used his miter box and saw to cut the corners and then adhered the pieces to the board with liquid nails.  I was responsible for coming up with a cute saying and printing it onto the board using a chalkboard pen.  I chose a Walt Disney quote – Surprise!  The garden stake (Home Depot – $12) pays homage to our football team. Go Cardinals!

I painted the front doors a super high-gloss black (Home Depot – $20) and I think that single update alone packed the biggest punch.  FYI, the paint was specifically meant for front doors.  Not sure that a regular gloss black would yield the same results.  The front doors now anchor the space and make a lovely, bold statement.  You can see my tutorial for creating the spring wreath HERE.

Lastly, I made this cute but also very useful sign.  It hangs just above the doorbell and serves as a friendly reminder/request that ours remain a shoe and dust free home.  I LOVE this thing in part because it’s cute but mostly because it totally works and now I don’t have to feel uncomfortable asking people to take off their dirty shoes before they come into our house.

So there you have it.  What do you think?


  1. I love it! My new front porch is in desperate need of some help! =) I especially love the No shoes sign. I’m going to need to make one of those as well!

  2. Where do you guys put your shoes when you get home? I love the concept of a shoe free home, but don’t know how to do it.

    1. I have a big basket for shoes by both the front door and the back door.

    1. Ick. I wouldn’t know. You’re welcome to test the theory, though ;)

  3. I love your new look at the front door and cute signs. Gramps is finally taking his shoes off when entering our little domain. here in Idaho and in Yuma.

  4. Love it! That black front door makes all the difference. Maybe you’ve given me an idea. I hate our front door color so maybe I will have a project this summer. Bet those signs are the ones you & Jeff were working on when I called last time. They are cool.

  5. Well-done.

    We enjoy sitting outside in the evenings too. In fact, we ate dinner in the backyard last night – a gorgeous night. Perfect weather. We’ve gotta soak it up while we can. :)

    P.S. I have that “Remove Your Shoes” sign pinned as well.

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