“Go Your Own Way” free printable bathroom art

Something you should know about me: I absolutely adore smart humor. I really do. Last year, we renovated two bathrooms in our house. We replaced the countertops and toilets and spruced things up with fresh paint, lighting fixtures, textiles and art. It was during that project that my Mr. and I were cruising the aisles of Target and he pointed out a piece of wall art that read: You Can Go Your Own Way. I’m guessing that it was a motivational type of print that was meant to be hung in an office or something. My husband–always the smarty pants–saw an alternate meaning. He thought it was suited for the bathroom. You can go your own way. Get it?

While I was attracted to the font and typography of the Target print–and I loved the cheeky humor aspect, too–the colors weren’t suited for our newly redesigned bathroom. Never one to take ‘no’ for an answer, though, I decided to create my own print with the same message. It may have taken me nearly a year to get it done, but that’s beside the point. The point, ahem, is that my print is finished and I’m sharing it today. Even better news? I went ahead and designed this particular print in several different colors and am making them available to you, my dear readers, just in case you, too, share in my appreciation of smart humor. Technically, I suppose this print could be considered toilet humor, too, but I’m sticking with smart.

'Go your own way' free printable bathroom art

C’mon. You have to admit that it’s cute, right?

As promised, here are the other colors: 'Go your own way' free printable bathroom art

'Go your own way' free printable bathroom art

'Go your own way' free printable bathroom art

All of these downloads are large files that can be printed up to 16×20, or you can go with a smaller print like I did. Just specify the size to your photo lab when you upload the files for printing.

To download the red & turquoise version click here.

To download the gray version click here.

To download the yellow & gray version click here.

To download the teal & brown version click here.


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