Googly Eyed Love

If you’re a long time reader of my blog, then you may have previously seen one of my reviews of Eleven Collection shoes.

If you’re a long time reader of my blog then it will come as no surprise that I’m all googly-eyed in love with Eleven shoes.

Googly. eyed. love.  For real.

I love them because they are so well made.  With real leather.  And flexible soles.  Oh, and don’t even get me started on the soft, cushion-y instep.

These are the only shoes I’ve ever bought for my kids that make me feel like we have a village cobbler.  Minus the Renassaince-ness of it, but you know what I mean: every pair of Eleven shoes we’ve ever owned has that custom feel about them.

Did I mention I love them?

You might be thinking, “yeah, I get it.  Well made shoes.  Yada, yada, yada.  But what about style?”  {crazy how I can read minds like that isn’t it?}

Worry not friends.  Eleven shoes represent the pinnacle of cuteness.  Both Cassidy and Jayce own multiple pairs of Eleven shoes and both of them are frequently complimented on the unique style and colors of their footwear.

And believe me when I tell you that those compliments are warranted.

Or don’t.  See for yourself.


See.  Hate to say I told you so.  But…

And these little gems are only one of the styles Eleven shoes is offering this season {ranging in price from $25-$56}.  They offer great play and dress styles for both girls and boys {in whole sizes 9-3}.  You’ll have to click your way through to see what else they have in stock.

I suggest you do just that.  Once you do, come on back over here and leave me a comment telling me which style makes you all googly eyed in love.

No really.  Do it.  Because then you’ll be entered to win a pair.

For an additional entry: blog, tweet, or facebook this contest and then come back and leave me a separate comment telling me you did so.

I will accept entries through 8pm Pacific time on cyber Monday {Nov. 30th}.  A winner will be randomly chosen.

In the meantime, you may want to keep an eye on the Eleven shoes website; last year they had a great Black Friday offer.  Just sayin’.

***And now for the disclaimer: Eleven Collection shoes did indeed provide me with a complimentary pair of shoes to review.  And subsequently keep.  My googly eyed love feelings toward Eleven Shoes, however, have not been influenced by complimentary shoes.  As anyone who has ever experienced googly eyed love feelings well knows, googly eyed love feelings cannot be influenced or coerced in any way and are, instead, the result of a natural affinity toward well-made, stylish shoes.  Or handbags.  Or jeans, as the case may be.  Further, I have spent my own money on many a pair of Eleven shoes because I truly think they are totally top-notch.  That is all.  Carry on.***


  1. WHAT. You will never catch me saying, “Oh, I wish I had a girl,” but those shoes? MAKE ME WISH I HAD A GIRL.
    But since I do not, much love for the Kai shoes.

  2. I am always interested in finding new products (especially little girl clothing items!) I went, I looked, I loved! I would like to see my little one in the Sylvie shoe. They are basic blsck but with that sassy silver flower…they’re stylin!

  3. oh how I love shoes. And Jayci does too! I think she’d especially love the Pixie :-)

  4. Ohh the colors!!
    Love the boots with the real looking petals on them.
    Love your disclaimer. ha.

  5. I’m gonna say the Trevor pair because they look practical and if I’m anything its practical. They are cute shoes, and I totally trust your judgement.

  6. So cute!! I’m lovin’ the Sylvie for dress shoes. All over those for my granddaughter. :) How do they run? Her feet are a little wide, so I’m always cautious about online ordering.

  7. These shoes make me googly eyed because they are the perfect pair of shoes for my girly girl that I wish had been a tomboy. Still can’t quite figure out how a tomboy gave birth to a girly girl. These shoes will definitely be the first ones that we will agree are perfect for her. I would love to win a pair for her!!!

  8. Hi, I just wanted to update you that I posted about your blog and chance to win on my facebook page. Thanks for the chance to win those awesome shoes!!!

  9. I’ve always wanted Elevens or See Kai Runs, and I’ve certainly entered like five thousand contests to win them, but no dice thus far. And as much as I like them and I’m sure they’re great for my kids’ feet, I just can’t afford them. In any case, I have a little crush on the Kasota pair of tennies. My little one would look so cute in those, and her feet would be so happy! :)

  10. I facebooked. But honestly, I told my friends that although they could enter to win the cute shoes, I’d rather they didn’t. ‘Cause it makes my chances better. Just sayin’.

  11. I love the Josie girl shoes and the ocean loafers for boys (not that I have a boy). It would be nice to have a good pair of shoes for my daughter, I don’t think Target can compare! :)

  12. The Laura shoes are just so cute! They would look so lovely on my baby girl’s feet. She is starting to try her hand at walking and I need to get her some shoes. I will be watching out on black friday.

  13. The Josef tennies would look too cute on my little guy.

  14. I love the Oslo for boys, and Astrid for the girls. I’ve got both, so I couldn’t decide!

  15. You got me started on these a long time ago, and they really are awesome shoes. Right now I’m liking the Laura, Kasota, and Mira shoes. And about 6 others.

  16. I can see why you love their shoes for your kids. I like the Katina ones the best. Tough choice, though.

  17. Really? Pick just one??? Weeeelll…for major uniqueness in color, I’d go with Eleanor. But I like them all!!! Where are the adult sizes?!?! :) :)

  18. Oh my gosh I love those SHOES!!! They’re all gorgeous but I just love the Alexi.

    And I also love your sexy new profile picture. You go, girl!! ;-)

  19. I’m infatuated with the Simone boots. Wish they came in grown-up sizes! Thanks, girl!

  20. I am loving those Katina shoes! Sooo cute and so different from all the other shoes out there!

  21. I’m googly eyed in love with the Eleven Collection too (and See Kai Run as well, by the way). The shoes really are exceptionally well-made…and stylish, to boot!

    My pair of choice would be the Simone boots. Black matches everything – and the colored leaves just add the perfect amount of pizazz.

  22. I would love to get my son a pair of the Caper shoes. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. I have not tried this brand of shoes yet, but have heard the quality is great. Hope to win a pair. I like the Josef for my son…the name runs in the family.

  24. The Mira make me all googly eyed! I love the Astrid as well but am not sure my daughter can rock them on a daily basis!

  25. Oh Eleven Trainer. We would love to live with you for a long while.

    Judah’s toes

  26. I love the little black Simone boots. They are soooo adorable and have enough colors in them to match with anything.

  27. I love the Luc boots. Perfect for Colorado winters (and autumns, and springs). And I think they’re gender-neutral enough that my son could wear them after my daughter grows out of them. How practical!

  28. I really love the party-style of the Alexia shoe.

  29. I’ve been meaning to try these shoes because I’ve heard so many great things. So far we’ve been a Robeez for babies and Stride Rite for toddlers family. Maybe this is my lucky chance to try something else?

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