Guest bathroom renovation

We recently updated two of the three bathrooms in our house.  What I thought would be a relatively simple project was actually quite a lengthy process.  We started by replacing old, icky laminate counter tops with really pretty granite ones.  We also installed new faucets and copper sinks.  My handier-by-the-day husband hung crown molding in one of the bathrooms.  It apparently was quite a feat because when I mentioned the possibility of putting it up in the second bathroom his facial expression left no doubt as to his take on the matter.  Moving right along, then.  Next, we upgraded to one-piece, low-flow toilets because a) they use less water and b) they’re easier to clean.    And then, of course, there were the details of paint, light fixtures, textiles and decor.  After much ado, we are enjoying the finished results.  I wish I had a before picture to show you in comparison, but I didn’t think to take any, so you’ll just have to admire the after shots.

Let’s get right to that, shall we?

bathroom renovation-2

This is the view from the hallway.  You’ll notice that we have 10 ft ceilings.  To take advantage of the height, we special ordered extra-long shower curtains (and liners!).

bathroom remodel-5In this close view of the cabinets and countertop, you can see the rough edge of the granite.  I was nervous about it at first, but I actually love it.  The finish isn’t rough to the touch at all; it’s been smoothed and polished.

bathroom remodel-3Here is another view of the granite’s edge.

bathroom remodel1-1Speaking of the granite, I just love this slab.  Look at that gorgeous vein!  It looks so beautiful against the copper sinks and oil-rubbed bronze faucets.

bathroom remodel1-3bathroom remodel1-2Here is a nice view of the copper sinks.  I absolutely love them.  They add a ton of character the bathroom.  And also, they’ve been a breeze to clean!

bathroom renovation-4And…one more shot of the countertop and sinks.

bathroom renovation-3This, my friends, was what I was most excited about.  I just love this chandelier.  It’s unexpected for the bathroom, no?  It’s gorgeous when lit.  I will admit, though, that I had a tough time trying to find a coordinating light fixture.  The picture above shows both light fixtures.  You’ll notice that I went with one that was cone-shaped to mimic the chandelier.  I’m happy with the finished results.

bathroom renovation1-1

Here is a view of my husband’s crown molding handiwork.

bathroom renovation2-1We also changed the hardware in the tub/shower to match the oil-rubbed bronze faucets.

bathroom renovation3-1This fun shelf hangs over the toilet.  I haven’t figured out what to hang from the hooks yet, but I did find the perfect print to rest on the shelf.  I was going for a spa feel in this room, and I think the colors and decor definitely fit the bill.

So…how’d we do?  Do you love it as much as I do?

In case you’re wondering, the paint color is Rolling pebble by Behr.  The runner and towels are Nate Berkus from Target in gray aqua.  The fixtures are Delta windermere in oil-rubbed bronze.


  1. It looks wonderful! The colors look wonderful. Do you have concrete floors?

    1. We do, Christine. Stained concrete. It’s fairly common for floors to be concrete here in southern Arizona.

  2. Very nice! And I am very impressed at handy you both are these days! Congratulations on the finished project. What about the other bathroom?

  3. Beautiful! I love the copper sinks. I’ve always wondered how I would like one.

    I love reno posts! Since we are about to take on renovations I have so many questions. I will call you soon.

  4. Added effect would be using an old ladder as the towel rack; but, make sure to scrape off some of its skin and glaze everything with maple varnish. You may also use native baskets as storage and rest them atop a porcelain vanity counter or pick larger ones to stack on the floor.

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