Halloween Time at Disneyland

The return to reality after a weekend at Disneyland is tough stuff.  Call me crazy, but something about laundry and homework and the same old boring routine just seems miserably drab when compared to the magic of Halloween Time at Disneyland.


Believe it or not, this was our family’s very first trip to Disneyland as one unit–though each of us has been there before separately.  Because it was a first (of sorts) for us, we had big expectations.  Great expectations, if you will.  And just as I’d expected, Disneyland did not disappoint.

Halloween Time debuted this weekend.  As they always do, the folks at Disney pulled out all the stops, ensuring that each and every guest was treated to a little taste of fall, despite the lingering summer temperatures.

Here are just a few examples:

From the moment you step onto Main Street, USA, your senses are overwhelmed.  You’ll see the fall arrangements that adorn building eaves and lampposts.  One step into the Blue Ribbon Bakery and you might just pick up the scent of a freshly-brewed pumpkin spice latte.  You can take a stroll through the Emporium or the World of Disney store and squeeze a soft plush Mickey, all decked out in his Halloween costume.  The sounds of ghosts and goblins can be heard as they carry on their spirited celebrations inside the Haunted Mansion.  And don’t think Disney overlooks the taste of fall.  Not a chance.  The pumpkin spice muffin I enjoyed for breakfast on Sunday is but one of the special holiday offerings you’ll find should you visit Disneyland Resort during Halloween Time.

As far as my kids were concerned, though, all that was just the cream cheese icing on the carrot cake.  Because they?  They are all about the attractions (rides).

photo credit: Disney

For the ninth year in a row, Disneyland brought back Haunted Mansion Holiday–the Jack Skillington’ized version of a Halloween favorite.  A favorite of mine, at least.  I love love love seeing the changes inside, especially in the graveyard scene and the ballroom.  The stack’o’pumpkins all covered in snow in the graveyard is just so oddly festive.  And I always find myself wishing that the ride would get “stuck” as my doombuggy is passing the ballroom; there’s way too much to see in too short a time.  No such luck, though.

photo credit: Disney

My girls had their own favorite: Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy (back for the 2nd year).  I guess you can consider me faint-hearted because one spin on this was plenty for me.  The holiday makeover is frightening to say the least.  There is this really creepy, flame-y ghost guy that basically chases you around the attraction.  I had to close my eyes because given the darkness and the chilly wind blowing and the high speeds and the ghost host…oy.  They weren’t kidding with that whole “ride if you dare” thing. Yikes. Seriously.  Take a look at this creep.

photo credit: Disney

As you can see, there is a little piece of Halloween Fun for everyone–biggies and little’ies–during Halloween Time at Disneyland, including a special hard-ticketed event, Mickey’s Halloween Party.  I’ll give you all the details on that event in my Thursday post.  But hint hint Tucson friends…with fall break coming up next week, Mickey’s Halloween Party might just be the perfect holiday escape for a weekend of thrills and chills and wholesome fun.  Just sayin’.

So fellow Disneyland fans, tell me which attraction is your favorite to visit this time of year.  Or which fall treat you enjoy at the parks (I’m partial to pumpkin fudge).

*****Special thanks to Disney PR for treating my family to a weekend at the park to experience Halloween Time at Disneyland, including airfare, hotel accommodations and park tickets.  The opinions expressed in this post are 100% genuine.*****


  1. All of the orange makes me homesick for New York…

    and I’m with you on the scary guy. You wouldn’t have gotten me on that ride once.

  2. I’m right there with you Darcie with the Haunted Mansion. By far my favorite! I have a dang titanium plate in my neck that prevents me from the “ride if you dare” Space Mountain. We’re taking the grands this week and your photos have me over the top excited! I’m going to give some of the pumpkin fudge and other treats a try too. I love me some pumpkin. I’m so glad Halloween Time didn’t disappoint! Were your two little ones surprised?

  3. *LOVE*

    I *really* want to visit Disneyland one day and this post just amplified that. Looks like a great time!

  4. Thanks for the wonderful pictures. Puts me in the mood for fall even if the temp outside is 100. My fave is definitely Haunted Mansion Holiday. That attraction is outstanding and is a great reason to travel to Disneyland this time of year. We traveled from the East coast during Thanksgiving a few years ago and it was a great time to visit DL. My family is begging for a return trip!

  5. I didn’t expect this to be on yet, but I am so glad it was…your post that is

  6. My senses were stimulated reading your post and by the end I was grinning ear to ear imagining myself standing at the top of Main Street.

  7. This post is fantastic! I feel like I was there with you! We go to Disney World in 3 weeks and I’m so excited. It’s our 22-month old’s 6th time there. That place never gets old, does it?

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