Hey Miss Grumpy Pants

You know how some people look back at old pictures of themselves and lament flashing a cheesy smile or a goofy grin?  Me?  Not so much.  As I flipped through yesteryear’s photos I quickly noticed a common thread.  I mean, besides the atrocious fashion choices and unfortunate hairstyles.  I noticed a grimace.  Looking at these pictures one might assume I was a neglected child.  Or beaten.  Or starved.  Locked away in a utility closet and only occasionally paraded out to dispel suspicion.

I can assure you that none of the above were true.  I really can’t justify that perma-scowl other than to say that clearly I disliked the camera.  And not just for a brief period of years, either.  As is witnessed in these photos it is clear that my disdain spanned the majority of my childhood.  I do recall one especially heinous occasion in which my mom insisted I have my photo taken with Santa.  This particular photo opportunity was set up on a crowded street at a time in my life in which I felt I was far too mature for such foolishness.  I think I was around thirteen (correct me on this, Mom, if I’m mistaken).  I distinctly remember throwing the mother of all tizzies.  I don’t remember if they actually forced me to go through with the photo or not, though if they did, that would–no doubt–be worthy of a place amongst the following showcase.

Seriously.  I’m riding a horse.  Most kids would be grinning ear-to-ear.  Not me.  Scowl.

Here I am in that super-fly first day of school outfit again.  Rocking the dirty look this time.

This?  There’s absolutely no excuse for this.  Not only did I forgo the Mickey ears (hello, what was I thinking?!), but I’m at Disneyland.  The indisputable happiest place on Earth!!  Could I not manage even the hint of a smirk?  Sheesh.

Check this one out.  I’ve even got the eyebrows involved here.  And, if you look close, you can see a pout on my lips, too.

This one (as well as the one above it) was an Easter morning shot.  At least in this one I have the phantom of an excuse.  Clearly I was cold.  Yeah.  That’s it.  I was cold.

See what I mean by spanning the ages?  I’m in high school here.  But still as grumpy as ever.

High school in this one, too.  I declare it the hands-down winner as judged by the frown-o-meter.  Wouldn’t you agree?

I don’t think I actually was grouchy all the time.  Despite what these photos would lead you to believe.  I mean, I distinctly remember some home videos in which I was laughably silly.  Creative.  Fun-loving, even.  So what’s with the Miss Grumpy Pants pictures?  Your guess is as good as mine.

11 Replies to “Hey Miss Grumpy Pants”

  1. I never noticed that pattern before, and I don t think we went through with the santa pic. How fun this was to see and notice the brothers seemed happy, hmm. (Your photos did remind me of another woman in our lives)

  2. I was a scowler in photos, too! Every year, my school photo was me with a grimace until (I am not lying) I was 15 and practiced smiling in front of the mirror every morning for an entire summer. Since then, I’ve been able to actually smile in photos, as opposed to looking like I want to kill someone.

  3. I finally saw you in the second Easter photo. I can’t say I recognized you in the earlier ones.

  4. How interesting! I know that my son is very anti-photo these days — I guess your hatred of being photographed held on a little longer? Despite the gloomy face, you were still adorable. Especially love the bangs in the first day o’ school pic. ;)

  5. I was there for the Santa event! You ended up crying before they relented so that you didn’t have to have your picture taken with Santa.
    Are you going to chronicle the Disneyland trip where you started a fight that didn’t quite become a riot?

    1. Attributing that fight to me is a little misleading I think. I’m not in the habit of throwing punches you know!

  6. Haha In Josh’s kid pics, he and his siblings always looked liked that. Even now they can’t stand getting their pictures taken! That’s why I started early and trained mine to smile and pose! LOL!

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