High Quality People (HQP’s)

I figured it might be helpful to expound on this term since I’ll most likely be using it often. I realize that what I am about to express is not the least bit PC, and for that, I hope you’ll excuse me. If we are being honest with each other though (which I hope we can be), then we can all own up to the fact that not everyone you meet, or see on TV, or read about is someone you’d want to hang out with. The fact of life is that we’re not all compatible … and in my book, that’s okay. It certainly doesn’t mean that I wish anybody harm, it just means that there are those from which I’d like to keep my distance. Think of it this way: if you visit one of those internet sites that maps out your neighborhood and displays a red dot on the nearby home of a child molester, you’re not going to bake a batch of cookies and ask your kid to deliver them to Mr. Peepshow down the street right? You most likely wouldn’t throw eggs at the house, or spray paint an ugly slur on their front door (at least I hope not). No. You’d just be extra vigilant.

Granted, there is a significant difference between child molesters and those who I don’t view as high quality. I’m just trying to drive home the point that we have to make choices every day about who we do and do not want to befriend and invite into our lives. I choose the passive route with low quality people. You know, smile and say hello at the grocery store but don’t invite them over for game night.

On the other hand, there are people out there who I just click with immediately. In some instances it may be that a person possesses a quality that I recognize in myself, or better yet, one that I aspire to have. Other times I may be attracted to that person’s sense of humor, or moral compass, or compassion for others. Here’s the tricky part though: one admirable quality doesn’t a high-quality person make, in my book at least. I view a high-quality person as someone who encompasses a wide spectrum of likeable characteristics. Oh, and high quality people are not unblemished by any means. I view myself as a high quality person (surprise surprise) and I am the first to admit that I am so far from perfect that it would take me light years to get there even if I did have a super sonic rocket on loan from NASA. My husband is a high quality person too, and believe me, you don’t even want to get me started on his faults. ; )

You might be saying to yourself, “Well, who does she think she is? The Queen of Sheba or something” Well, if you happen to be saying that to yourself let me first off assure you that I’m not psychic. And secondly: no. I don’t think I am the Queen of Sheba. I do wonder though if she was a high quality person.

Here’s the thing. We each have individual tastes and quirks and expectations. What I view as a great quality in someone, you may view as a character flaw. To each his own. Ya know, yin yang and all. Anyway, my point (which I swear I had a much better grasp of when I sat down to write this) is that when I refer to someone as high quality, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Most often, it comes up when my husband and I (the ultimate reality TV junkies) come across a high quality person on one of our shows. It sounds like this:

Husband: Oh my gosh. Did you hear what he just said? That was awesome. That guy is funny.

Me: Hilarious. Oh, and I read on the internet that he doesn’t like Hillary Clinton either.

Husband: Really?

Me: Yep. And last week on Oprah he donated a million dollars to help fight AIDS in Africa.

Husband: Yeah, I heard about that. You know, there was a profile of him in my Best Life magazine a couple of months ago. He didn’t stop gushing about how cute his kids were and how his wife was the most amazing cook on the planet.

Me: How sweet.

Husband: Very sweet. I think he’s a high quality person.

Me: Yeah, totally high quality person. We could totally have him over for a BBQ.

Husband: Yeah. We totally could.

As you can see, our running list of high quality people has a very scientific basis and it’s formula is closely guarded. Sorry. You’ll have to come up with your own.


  1. finally someone who understands…I’ve been using the term “high quality people” for a while now. For me it means someone who is humble and knowledgeable in many areas. I can not stand people who boast or think they know everything. At the same time people who are ignorant seem to always like to talk to me, but I can’t stand to talk to them! One of the easiest ways to find out our compatibility is to find out their music tastes. When we like the same stuff, it’s very probable we’ll get along, it has yet to fail. At the same time, I always try to treat everyone equally, it’s just that I don’t want to give people I don’t like as much attention, since it’s more of a chore than actually having fun with a friend.

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