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When we built and subsequently moved into this house just over six years ago I remember telling more than one person that the only way I’d ever move out of this place was if they dragged my stiff, lifeless body from it.  Drastic, much?  Who, me?  Now, here I am compiling a wish list of sorts: features I really hope to find in the home we move on (up?) to.  If for no other reason than to document them in case I forget, I’m posting that in-progress list here.  Humor me.

– a bookshelf (or space for one) in the kitchen so that I have somewhere to store my cookbook collection

– two kitchen sinks.  I swear I always need to rinse or drain something when one of my helpers starts in on the dishes.

– a built-in desk in the kitchen

– a bigger pantry than we have now (walk-in would be ideal)

– a dedicated entryway space

– a sink in the laundry room

On the other hand, some of the features that we (wisely, if I do say so myself) had built in to our current home have proved to be quite valuable indeed.  I wouldn’t want to sacrifice the following in a future home:

– an extra-long, covered patio in the backyard

– a built-in entertainment center (TV nook)

– high counters in the master bath

– double sinks in the additional bathrooms

– double ovens

– double ovens

– double ovens (SO worth repeating)

– lots and lots of windows

– plumbing for a water softening system

What about you?  What features would be on your ultimate home wish list?  And which features in your current house do you find valuable?



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  1. There isn’t much about this house that I’d care to repeat in the next house… wait, maybe the little secondary closet in the kids room, it’s kinda like a built in armoire, but the door sticks and the shelves aren’t spaced very well – but the idea is great!

    On my wish list for the next house
    double ovens (I’ll spare you the repeating… but you get it!)
    double sinks
    covered patio
    basement and/or bonus space in the house somewhere
    hardwood floors
    dedicated entry
    and I could go on and on… in fact, I have a blueprint. Just need the land and the money to build the house! :)

  2. Amen to the double ovens! And a double size range. Feeding 8 people would be a lot easier with more cooking space! Right now we never have/get to host holidays, but I hope we do in the future, and I really want lots of cooking room.

    It is not always specific things I want, but just more thoughtful space. I think more in terms of storage and layout and functionality than certain wants.

  3. Currently, I like the play area for the kids and the storage room although a bigger one would be much welcomed! I would love to have a large garden, a pool, an open skyfloor, and a bbq pit. If God makes me filthy rich I would love to have my personal jungle to hike!!!

  4. Oh the two sink idea is nice- maybe one in the big marble island that would be in our HUGEMONGOUS new kitchen? I just want space- to move around in and to put stuff on. I would love to come to your house (old or new) someday.


  5. Your house sounds lovely. I would definitely want to keep my laundry room and entry 2-story foyer and my office in the front of the house and my big master bedroom. I’d love to have a real mudroom with lots of organization for coats and shoes and all the assorted crap that goes with it. I’d like to have a proper command center in the kitchen where we can keep all our papers and things that go in and out – with a desk, I suppose.

    I wouldn’t mind having 2 sinks and double ovens, although we do okay without. I think I’d like to have an extra big kitchen/great room area and no formal dining room. We would have a big table with lots of leaves that we could expand as needed. I feel like having 2 eating areas is a waste of space, and neither is big enough for our whole family at holiday time.

    And I would LOVE to have bigger kids’ bedrooms. 2 of them are really small and 1 is almost impossible. But overall, I love my house. And we aren’t moving anytime soon so. I don’t think too much about what I’d like to have.

    Fun post!

  6. I so wish I had a mudroom off the garage (someplace to dump our coats/shoes/backpacks/junk. As it is now, we come in from the garage right to our kitchen table. Ugggh!

    I also wish we didn’t have some of the odd angles on walls that the previous owners built this house with. Makes it difficult to arrange furniture in some rooms.

    However, I LOVE my kitchen built-in desk (I can see why you would want one) and the amount of counter space we have in the kitchen. I LOVE our master bath and closet…so much space/storage and such an oasis for me! I LOVE the flow of our house (great for entertaining).

    Fun post….now you have me thinking!

  7. I took some of your ideas, and I actually have a list going on the computer so I don’t forget it the day ever comes. So far:
    High sinks / counter tops in bathrooms
    Drawers in bathroom vanities
    Medicine cabinets in bathrooms
    Different paint texture in bathrooms & kitchen vs. rest of house
    Painted rooms
    Carbon monoxide detectors
    Peep hole
    Window above front door

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