Into the Great Wide Open

With these words I am making history. Admittedly, not the kind of history that really matters, but history nonetheless. Welcome to the very first post of my blog! Until recently I didn’t really know what a blog was all about. It’s not like I’ve been hiding under a rock and hadn’t heard the term before. In fact, I’d heard of the concept and, quite frankly, any desire to start my own eluded me. But of course that was before I was invited to Walt Disney World to mix and mingle with some of Disney’s picks for the grooviest blogging mamas in cyberspace. Needless to say, I accepted the invitation before they had the chance to think twice. In no time at all reservations were made and as of today I’m left with a mere 21 days to agonize over what I should bring along in my suitcase. Like any good participant would do, I felt compelled to research the whole blogging thing in advance of the trip if for no other reason but to avoid showing up and feeling like a worthless bump on a log, or blog as the case may be.

It didn’t take much googling to discover that there was far more to the blogging culture than I ever imagined. I mean, what I found weren’t the gallery-gazing, spacey, absolutely-no-grip-on-reality bloggers that I expected to find, though I did come across one or two of those as well. You see, not long ago, I was under the impression that, generally, a blog was a MySpace or Facebook alternative for artsy people who’ve “outgrown” that sort of thing. Boy was I wrong. There are blogs out there on just about any subject by just about every type of person in existence today. Of course, over the last few weeks I’ve focused on the ones by the moms who’ve been invited to the Disney World mixer. After reading what these women have to say from day to day, I must admit that I’m impressed. So much so, in fact, that I’ve not only become hooked on their blogs, but that I’ve been inspired to start my own.

So, there you have it: yet another way Disney has influenced my life.

Truth be told I’m pretty excited about this little endeavor of mine. I guess it would be more accurate to say this little endeavor of ours. My husband, Jeff, the technological genius he is, has been quite instrumental in getting this site up and running. And for his dedication to coding and designing so that my page appears exactly as I hoped it would, I am grateful. Thanks hero.

In case you’re wondering what I plan to do on these pages, here are a couple of hints:

*Share thoughts and ideas in a straight shooter sort of way (never mind that I’ve gotten myself into a bit of trouble a time or two by doing just that).

*Ramble shamelessly about my unfathomably adorable children and all the unfathomably adorable things they say and do.

*Occasionally vent about the not so cute aspects of aforementioned unfathomably adorable children and then vehemently deny that my children harbor an ounce of anything but cuteness.

*Share the rare gems I come across in cyberspace (laugh-out-loud funny stuff, or shockingly interesting stuff only I swear! I am so not a forwarder!)

*Offer recipes that no self-respecting cook/baker should be without.

* Leave room to change as I see fit! : )

Through my research of all things blogging I learned that keeping posts short and sweet so as to hold the reader’s attention is a good thing. Oops. There’s always next time.


  1. OK, how did I become so blessed with the perfect daughter? You never cease to amaze, amuse and bring a tear to my eye. Keep it up, this was GREAT!!!!!

  2. Aw, c’mon Mom! I just got done telling everybody how far from perfect I am on my High Quality People page. What are you trying to do – blow my cover?!

    No but really…thank you! That means a lot to me.

  3. Now that I’ve read these comments twice I’ve figured it out. “Me” is Taco and not Sissy Little. “Darcie” is Darcie who maybe should go by the alias of “Breezy” since she doesn’t like “Windy”. The only difference is wind velocity!

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