Missing Mom Already

My mom has been here visiting since Friday. She’s leaving tomorrow morning and I already know I’m going to miss her. Here are five reasons why:

5. She is an awesome grandma to my kids. Over the course of her short four and a half day visit she managed to befriend Jayce (he typically boycotts people who dont live in the same house as him) by reading to him and chasing him around the house playing the, Im gonna get your tushie game. She played Wii tennis with Cassidy. She went for a walk with Kennedy and didn’t mind a bit that Kennedy tricked her into a much longer route than she bargained for. When Torri started to feel sick it was her Grandma that made tea for her and emptied the dishwasher on her behalf.

4. She buys me green flip flops. Green flip flops may not seem like a big deal. If you knew me well though, youd know that I am a very sensible girl and if I were to buy myself a pair of flip flops Id opt for a more sensible color like beige or black because while green does make the perfect addition to my summer shoe collection, it seems like too much of a splurge. She spoils me with splurges because she knows I wont do it myself.

3. She listens to me ramble about things like pretzel crusted chicken nugget recipes and how the concrete people really jacked up our back patio when they fixed” the cracks. She realizes that as the stay home mom of four children I rarely have the opportunity to converse with other adults. As she listens to my incessant gabbing not once does she give off the impression of boredom. No. She actually seems to enjoy hearing my voice and being privy to the mundane twists and highlights of my day. Weird, I know.

2. Shell help with dinner, or wash the dishes, or sit with Jayce while I try on outfit after outfit in search of the perfect one for my upcoming trip to Disney World. She doesnt bat an eye about pitching in. She helps in the ways she can and tries not to step on anybodys toes in the process.

1. She is a warm reminder of all things comfortable and loving and home.

I dont get to see her nearly as often as I would like. Her visit (though it was extended one full day thanks to a nasty flu bug) went by way too fast. Shell be heading out tomorrow before the girls even get off to school and I hope for her sake that the early morning departure gives her a running start against that nasty morning traffic.

Once I get home from my morning taxi to the school Ill go about the business of tidying up after a weekend of company. As Im tucking the coffee maker away into the nether regions of the kitchen for safekeeping until her next visit, itll hit me that I really miss her. Ill be saddened momentarily that she wont be able to see Cassidy perform in the school musical this week. Ill daydream of how nice it would be if she lived close enough to stop by for dinner once a week, or to share a glass of wine after a particularly crazy day.

I am grateful for these days we spent together and I know that Jeff and the kids are too. And though it would be pretty awesome if she lived down the block or just around the corner, I can take comfort in the fact that though a bit further than I would like for her to be, she is there. Shes a simple phone call away when I need advice as to dealing with my suddenly teenage daughter. Or an email click away when I want to share a picture of a grandchilds toothless grin. When it comes right down to it, at least I know shes always there for me. For us. And for her presence in our lives, I couldnt be more thankful.

PS. If she should read this and it should guilt her into discontinuing her frequent use of tanning beds then so be it.

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  1. You know I read this every day and think what a lucky lady I am to be your mom and your children’s grandma. Thank you for a wonderful visit as always and a special thanks to the resident bartender for his fabulous margaritas. ILUG!

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