My #ispyhorizons story (you’re gonna want to read this)

Yeah, so I know I already posted once today but every once in a great while there comes along something that is so exciting I absolutely cannot wait until a single. minute. longer to tell you.  This, my friends, is one of those times and I suppose it might be construed as gushing but I can’t help but blurt this out:

Kris Allen sang a song for me!!!!

Well, sort of.  Let’s backtrack a moment, shall we?

If you’ve been reading my blog long, it should come as no surprise that I find this development particularly newsworthy.  You might remember the first time I had my picture taken with Kris.  No?  Maybe, then, you’ll recall the second time I had my picture taken with him.  I’m clearly a fan.

So it should come as no surprise that when Kris Allen (or K.A. as he is affectionately called around my house) announced that he was running a social media contest in which the winner would get to choose a song for Kris to cover, I was all about the winning.  And, as he always does, my amazing husband indulged me by agreeing to post an entry of his own.

The task was to figure out which book was being used in a video Kris created for the first single, Prove It To You, off his new album, Horizons (August 12).  That part was pretty easy, thanks to Google.  From there, we had to find a creative way to give Kris the answer in a photo.  Show, don’t tell, if you will.  Jeff had the brilliant idea (not surprising, considering he’s a rocket scientist and all) of creating a picture puzzle.  Here is what he came up with:

Jeff'sKAentryCan you figure out the puzzle?  The answer is: Delirium by Lauren Oliver.  (Kris and his wife named their super cutey son Oliver–pictured here). (Side note: the only thing that could top this already amazing story is if Kris had chosen MY book for his video, but I digress).

When I couldn’t figure out my own clever entry, Jeff suggested a crossword puzzle.  Brilliant right? (Again, with the rocket science).  I spent a really long time coming up with this:

myKAentryThe time I spent was worth it, though, because yesterday Kris announced that I was the 1st runner up in his #ispyhorizons game.  Normally I’m not a fan of second place, but it was okay in this instance because my handsome husband took first!!!

True to his word, Kris sang the song that Jeff requested (for me).  You have to watch it.  You simply must.  I will never forgive you if you don’t.

I know.  It’s beautiful, right?  It leaves you speechless, right (or is that just me?)? I love the song so much but I can’t bring myself to even sing along because I don’t want to ruin it.

So yeah, that’s my latest Kris Allen story. The whole thing kind of feels like I’m the Bachelorette on one of those dates where they sneak a famous band on stage to serenade the couple as they sway back and forth on the dance floor–only I’ve already found my one true love so I don’t need no stinking bachelors and Kris Allen is heads and shoulders above any other artists that the Bachelorette producers might wrangle up for their contrived “moment”.

Jeff and I will celebrate ten years this September.  I’ve already told him that he can count this as my gift and he said it was a good thing because he didn’t know how he’d ever top it.

I don’t know either.  But I have no doubt he’ll find a way.  After all, I never in a million years would have believed he’d get Kris to sing my song…

{Insert dreamy sigh here}

8 Replies to “My #ispyhorizons story (you’re gonna want to read this)”

  1. Your husband”s puzzle had me completety stumped until someone told me the cartoon guy was called the Lorax.Then I thought it was brillant and such a thoughtfull thing for your husband to do.I loved the song.It sounded like it could have been written by Kris.

  2. So very happy for you two. It’s a great song that I had never heard of and of course Kris slays it. My fav American Idol winner EVER. I took August 12th off as a vacation day so I can hit the stores and see who has HORIZONS for sale (and hopefully purchase a few more copies besides my pre-orders).

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