New neighbor gift

If we’re Facebook friends, you might remember me posting about our new neighbors a few weeks ago.  If we’re not Facebook friends, here’s a peek at what I said.


About that Cambodian monks thing?  I may have jumped the gun.  In my defense, there most certainly were Cambodian monks present.  Only, they were just there to pick up donations.  Oops.  I guess it is to my credit that I wasn’t so nosey to gawk long.  When I saw the Cambodian monks moving furniture and boxes I just assumed.  And we all know what ass-u-me-ing gets us.  Moving right along though.

When the real new neighbors showed up, I thought it would be nice to welcome them to the ‘hood and introduce ourselves.  I didn’t, though, want to go the traditional home-baked cookies route because I know that some people are wary of consuming food items from unfamiliar kitchens.  I came up with something I thought would be safe and helpful during the busy post move-in mornings.


Bagels!  These particular bagels come from a nearby bagel shop so they pretty much blow the Costco or grocery store variety out the window.  I printed and added this welcome tag and used twine to tie it to the wire basket.  The wire baskets are from Target’s dollar spot.  Every time I see them in stock I pick up a bunch of them to keep on hand for gifting.


Isn’t the tag super cute?  It’s a welcome to the neighborhood printable that you can download for free!


To round out the gift, I included a jug of orange juice and a tub of flavored cream cheese.  Lastly, I slipped a family photo into the basket so that the new neighbors would recognize us.  I jotted our names and home phone number on the back with a Sharpie and told them to call if they needed anything.  Easy peasy and super cute, right?  I hope they thought so!


  1. This is just like you – so kind & considerate.

    Also: I am totally pinning this idea for future reference.

    Are you home from your Epic European Vacation? Can’t wait to hear all your stories.

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