Not Just Any Shirt Will Do

Remember those Disney shirts we were working on?  Well, it took me awhile to get this post ready because, well, because I’m lazy.  When I finally finished ironing on all those transfers and neatly folding the shirts so as not to crease the transfers the last thing I wanted to do was unfold all of them to take pictures.

I had a few spare seconds today though so I snapped a couple of quick photos.  You’ll notice that I made every effort not to disturb that aforementioned folding.

I think you’ll agree that these babies are totally cute.

We have five shirts each.  Three of our shirts are personalized so that while it’s clearly recognizable that we’re a group, each person’s shirt is a bit different.

Here are those:

That last group is our Animal Kingdom shirt.  The logos we came up with may not make a lot of sense to you unless you’re a Disney World fan.  Each one sort of corresponds with an attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park.  The “advertisement” is meant to be tongue in cheek on a few of them.  For instance, inside the Tree of Life is an attraction called “It’s Tough to Be a Bug.”  So, the exterminator bit kind of pokes fun at that.  The Mt. Everest Track Inspector (tough to read in this picture) refers to the infamous mangled tracks on the Expedition Everest ride.

Fun aren’t they?

And then we have two shirts that are not personalized.  Well, they are personalized in that we made them, but unlike those first three, these are identical.

Here are those:

And last but not least are the books we made.  We came up with this idea last year and it was such a handy tool that we brought them back.  They contain a daily itinerary, fun facts and trivia, and a “While You Wait” section that has all sorts of Disney-inspired games to help keep the kiddos (and adults actually) entertained while we are waiting in line for attractions.

See there?  Told you we put a lot of effort into our trips.

So, whatdya think?  Which is your favorite?


  1. Hail to Darcie!

    Everything is Fantastic! I can’t pick a Fav- they are all great!

    You are going to have to spill your secrets for all us less crafty Moms!


  2. Wow how hugely inadequate I feel as a parent!

    But, those are awesome…you should start a company, because I probably would never make them, but I would totally buy them!!!

    I love the initial shirts with the adjectives!! Amazing job!

  3. You are so fabulously awesome my friend. I love them! The clothes I made the kiddos can’t hold a candle to those babies.

    My fav is the Toy Stoy Midway Mania, I believe. They all look so official though! Jeff is a very talented designer (or, uh, copyright infringer, depending on how you look at it). ;)

  4. The initial shirts are rockin’ my world.

    That is crazy though…I mean really…crazy that you do all of that. Wow.

  5. Wow! Those are all so creative. The Eeyore shirt is my favorite, but I might be biased because I love Eeyore and anything pink.

  6. Wow! I love the orange ones with your names…where did you get the transfers!!! These are great!!

  7. WOW! You should go into business. The shirts are amazing. My favorite are the initial tees…how clever. I’m going to have to bookmark this for our way into the future Disney trip.

  8. Holy Cow! I am completely impressed and in awe at your works of art. With four kids, how do you find the time?

    Have you ever done the Disney Cruise? You’d fit right in on that ship!! I can just imagine your door design and “fish hanger” — they would rock!

    Very, very cool.

  9. I love them all. They are amazing, so are you. Now I feel slightly pressured to be creative in planning for our trip next year.

  10. Oh my gosh. I’m in awe over here. I can barely get myself started on planning our Disney vacation — you’re on a totally different level here! I love it! My favorite are the name shirts. (I especially like that yours says wine taster! Mine would too!)

  11. You are an organizational genius!!!
    I love all of it, but the personalized Halloween shirts are awesome.
    I agree, you should start your own business. I think you could make it!

  12. Wow!!!! You could make big-time bucks marketing that stuff if Disney would let you! What an awesome way to enjoy Disney together. We live within 2 hours of that big home to all things Mickey. I absolutely love it there. I’ll be thinking of you. BTW – What kind of awesome program do you have to make those incredible shirts? I wouldn’t have the first idea where to begin on a project like that!!!

  13. I agree…I see a business in your future. Totally cute and so creative. I love the shirts with the initials and descriptions of each of you (domestic goddess…right on!) When are you all going on your trip?

  14. WOW!! That is so fun!! What a great way for the family to connect!! Have a safe and wonderful trip!!

  15. Those are awesome. I’m having flashbacks to the time my whole family wore hypercolor shirts to Disneyland. Your shirts are way cooler, though.

  16. ARe you kidding me…when I read your post about the shirts I was thinking…’how nice’…but I can’t BELIEVE the effort you put into those! They are awesome! And then you have a book put together while you wait in line? Seriously…my kids would kill for parents like you! :) You’re going to have a blast!

  17. Not sure if guys are allowed to post here ;-) but just had to add another “Wow!” to the list. The shirts and book look fantastic!! A definite kick in my patootie to figure out our shirts shirts for December!!!

  18. Holy crap! Those are awesome!

    Guess it pays to not just fly by the seat of your pants and hope for zero meltdowns!

  19. WOW! They are fabulous!! It is really tough to choose a favorite, but I think I like the orange ones the best! I especially love the personal touches you added to those ones.

    You are definitely the coolest mom, BTW!

  20. I don’t think I could possibly pick a favorite — they’re all wonderful!! I’m inspired to try something like this when we someday take another vacation. You clever girl! I especially love the books for amusement. That’ll be a lifesaver.

    When do you go?

  21. I am speechless. (Hard to believe, huh?)

    Completely and totally AMAZING!!

    Can I hire you (mostly not joking by the way) to design for my family for Thanksgiving. I’ll do the ironing!

  22. Wow. Wow! That’s an impressive amount of work. I think my favorites are the name ones – although the others are awesome as well. Now I want to take the girls to Disney so we can make fun shirts like that. :)

  23. Haven’t been around much these days, but I have to comment on your blog and those great t-shirts! Seriously wondering how you did them!!!!!

  24. Those are just so cute! I especially love the AK ones and the initial ones too…very creative! Thanks for sharing!

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