On A Life Uncommon

As far as weeks go…the last one wasn’t particularly high-ranking in my book.  Jeff was out of town again (Orlando, this time), which is never fun.  And while he was gone I had a run-in with a 60-something Hellians Angel who–I kid you not–very purposefully threw his ABC gum at my car.  ABC, as in, Already Been Chewed.

Yes.  Seriously.

Don’t ask.

The week?  Not so good.

The weekend, though?  Pretty cool.

You might remember my early spring post about the family member (once removed) who we broke bread with.  Well…they’re baaaaaacccckkkk.  And bread was broken once again.  There may even have been a cocktail or two involved.  Here are the pictures; you be the judge.

There were smiles.  Lots of laughter.

There were board games played–after having gathered around the table in our PJ’s.

There was questionable attire (skull and crossbones necklace.  Ahem.  But I’m not naming names).

There was Mudd Pie.  And the happy birthday song (have I ever mentioned that Torri and her dad share a birthday?).

But mostly there was good, old-fashioned, genuine fun.  Had by all.

“When you can do the common things of life in an uncommon way, you will command the attention of the world.”  -George Washington Carver

Well, Mr. Carver, I think we’d qualify.

And proud of it, by the way. :)

10 Replies to “On A Life Uncommon”

  1. I love the pictures. The one of you (smokin’ hot in your red shirt) and Torri is my favorite.

    There’s something to be said about such a friendship in an extended-family. You should be proud :)

  2. 1) You look gorgeous
    2) Looks like fun!
    3) I’m totally freaked out by Torri’s 16-year-old self!

    She’s so beautiful Darcie. Alarmingly. I hope you guys have a good bat (or shotgun!) to fend off the boys!

  3. I agree with Becca…you guys have a good thing going, not that many people can say that!

    You guys all look great!!! But where are the little(r) ones???

  4. I know that could not have been an easy road getting to this point, but what a blessing it turned out to be. And what a beautiful family…all of you.

  5. Simply amazing. You absolutely should be proud of your extraordinary, extended family.
    Still, I’m curious about the ABC gum incident. Eeww!

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