On the road to our sweet Alabama home

Last Saturday morning we piled the kids into the minivan and pulled out of Tucson to head east. During our five days in the car we crossed through a total of six states. We covered over 1600 miles. We ate more than our fair share of restaurant meals and road snacks. We sang countless choruses of Paul Simon songs. We passed mile after mile on Interstates 10, 20, 30 and 40. In Little Rock, we witnessed the wheel of a truck come loose, sending the truck skidding across three lines of traffic on three wheels and an axle, sparks flying. The runaway wheel bounced up and over the divider and went flying into oncoming traffic. Nobody was hurt–believe it or not–but it definitely made for an eye-opening start to the day.

Being all cooped up like that for nearly a week got me thinking up creative ways to help pass the time. So I made a quick little video to offer a glimpse into our cross-country journey. Come along for the ride?


  1. That was a short trip, only about 30 seconds. So glad you are there safe and sound, I bet that you will be looking over the property and doing a count down.

  2. I tried it again this afternoon and got the whole trip, very interesting and enjoyed it all. Have a great weekend, talk with you soon, Grams

  3. Cute!! Glad you’re there safely…can’t wait to see it with my own eyes!!

  4. Beautiful video. Thanks for letting us share your journey. You passed our exit, Spring Hill, TN on 65 South!! Enjoy making Alabama your home sweet home!

  5. I’m a little rusty at estimating speed but it looked to me like Jeff was a little over on some of those clips. (as usual).
    Looks like you had the kids entertained-hard to do for five days!

  6. Glad you made it! We all enjoyed watching your video and we’re ready to visit :)
    Owen was singing Sweet Home Alabama until his head hit the pillow.

  7. Cute!

    Cassidy should know that Jackson watched with me, and as soon as her picture came on the screen he shouted, ‘Yey!’ and started clapping. #fanclub

    Almost time!

  8. I loved your video! We’ve moved back and forth across the U.S. several times (with and without kids) and it brought back many memories! This is our first time living in the South and we love Huntsville and Cove Church! Welcome and enjoy! (PS — Your new home is beautiful and you certainly have a flair for decorating!)

    1. Hi Carol! Moving is overwhelming for sure but we had fun en route and are getting things settled locally. Huntsville is everything I hoped it would be and we truly have a home in Cove Church. Thank you for the warm welcome! I look forward to saying hi in person sometime soon.

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