Tequila lime grilled chicken

I’ve mentioned Jeff’s house specialty a time or two on the ol’ blog.  Each time that I bring up his grilled tequila lime chicken, my inbox floods (well maybe not floods, but you get the idea) with requests for the recipe.  This most recent time I promised a few friends on Facebook that I’d post the recipe.  I just so happen to be  a woman of my word (not counting the hasty bribes offered to my children) so I am posting the recipe.  Not like it’s a family gem or anything.  He pretty much adapted his house margarita concoction to work as a marinade.  That’s right my friends.  It’s like having your margarita and eating it too.  If the name alone didn’t leave your mouth watering, I know you’re thirsty hungry now.

Mark my words: you won’t regret it this one in the morning.

2-3 pounds of boneless, skinless chicken breast.  Or any other meat I suppose.
juice from 4-5 squeezed limes.
1/4 c. Triple Sec
1/2 c. Tequila
1 T. chili powder
1 T. cumin
3 cloves minced garlic
Kosher salt and pepper to taste.

Mix it all up and drop in the chicken.  Let it all hang out together in the fridge for at least 2 hours (preferably longer though) before you grill and enjoy.  Thoroughly. enjoy.

We use tequila lime chicken for tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, you name it.  We also just eat it plain sometimes too but it adds a delicious twist to any Mexican dish that calls for chicken.




  1. My mouth is watering… We have got to try this. After we buy a barbeque. After the stupid windy season is over. We are having gusts up to 60mph today.

    Maybe I’ll just have the margarita for now.

  2. Oh…delicious! I’ll definitely have to do this one. But, I might end up drinking the marinade and only having salt and pepper for the chicken!

  3. Bone-in thighs are really delicious too. They seem to hold the moisture better than boneless/skinless pieces.

  4. Oh, yummy! After seeing my husband’s tequila collection, there’s no question what his favorite cocktail is! Will try this soon… Thanks!

  5. That sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing. And I meant to tell you that we share a crazy love for Chicks & Rabbits. I could eat a bag a day, no lie! I’ve only succumb to one bag so far, and with 11 days left I think I can make it. :)

    Have a great day!

  6. Yum! Just tried it tonight with some zucchini, green peppers, and onions all rolled up in a tortilla!

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