Party in Jayce’s Crib

This is the second morning in a row that I’ve gone into Jayce’s room to rescue him from that darned bed with bars only to find his room reeking of eau de vomit. Poor little guy. And because he is such a good baby he doesn’t even gripe or moan in the middle of the night when he’s feeling sick. Then again, he could just take after his Daddy and sleep like a rock through the whole vomiting process. I could totally see that. Either way I feel like such the loser mom when I walk in there and find him sitting amongst a pile of regurgitated grape skins and oatmeal.

This morning I walked into his room, fully ready to begin my geeky good morning song, but my mood shifted promptly when I got the first whiff of that unmistakable scent (and for those of you crude enough to ask: no Jayce isn’t on my people who smell bad list, vomit or not). He was sitting upright and looking at me through his crib slats with the most pitiful look he could muster. His hands were palm-up on his lap, his fingers stretched out so that they wouldn’t touch each other and spread the gunk anymore than was necessary. Clearly, he was completely disgusted by the filth in which he sat, and maybe a bit puzzled as to where on Earth it had all come from.

I’ve decided he has an old soul. He’s nearly twenty-months old and he doesn’t talk much, though he seems to understand most everything we say. What’s more is that not only does he understand when we ask him to do something, but more times than not he’ll actually obey. Just tonight I pointed to a ball he had brought in the house from the backyard and quite plainly asked him to put it away. Without hesitation he walked to the ball, picked it up, and proceeded to take it outside and place it its proper place instead of just dumping it on the back patio. I mean, that’s impressive right? Granted my milestone calculator is a tad skewed since Cassidy was my last baby, but still, I don’t think most kids actually listen to you until they can’t get away with feigning ignorance anymore.

I suppose only time will tell if Jayce holds wisdom beyond his years. I don’t mean IQ wise. I’m talking about the good stuff. The stuff that really matters. Not that there is anything wrong with baby geniuses. And since we’re on the subject, did you see this kid on the Today show a few weeks ago. It’s a bit creepy, I’ll admit. But how cool of a party trick is that?

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  1. I believe that he is wise beyond his years, which will serve him well with 3 sisters!

  2. You have come a long way baby, I guess after four (4) kids it was bound to happen, the whole vomit thing that is. I can recall some pretty inovative ways you used to keep the smell from entering your presence so you could clean it up in the early years, AT to AK.

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