Pinkalicious Or Bust

Jayce’s class went to the library for the first time this week.  He picked out a book: Pinkalicious.

It’s the story of a little girl who eats too many cupcakes and turns pink.  The cover of the book is, well, pinkalicious.

Three days after he brought the book home, Jayce mentioned in passing that a big bully boy at his table made fun of him for picking Pinkalicious.  Because, you know, it was very pink.

Clearly that boy’s mother has failed to teach him that real men like pink.  Either that or he’s been prematurely meaned up.

My biggest fear with kindergarten is that my sweet little snuggly bear will go off and learn precisely the lessons that the big bully is trying to teach: that you have to be someone you’re not to be one of the “cool” kids; that if you step even a little out of the box you’re a freak; that different is somehow lesser than.

My boy is anything but.  Let me assure you.

He is the most sensitive of souls.  He’s patient and curious.  Genuine and forgiving.  He sings “Yes Lord, Yes Lord, Yes Yes Lord” like nobody’s business.  He listens when we tell him things, and you can see his wheels always turning, trying to do better next time.  He sits next to me in the glider rocker in his room–spreading his blanket over both of our laps–and listens intently to E.B. White’s THE TRUMPET OF THE SWAN.  And when we’re done, he says, “you can rock me if you wanna.”  He eats his vegetables and tells me I look beautiful.  He brings in flowers for my hair.  He runs and jumps and can’t hardly sit still.  While I brush his teeth he signs, “I love you more than you love me.”  He goes crazy when his daddy gets home from work, running towards the door and screaming with delight.  He licks his ice cream bowl clean.

I really like that boy.  Really, really like him.

When Kennedy read him Pinkalicious, she told him that the same author wrote another book: Purplelicious.  I know precisely which book is coming home in the backpack this week.

And I love him all the more for it.

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  1. Love this. Luke’s favorite colors are purple and pink. I’m so afraid some preschool punk is going to tell him those are girl colors. It’s bad enough that my FIL constantly says it.:/

  2. We have those books. There is a go Goldilicious and I believe there is also now a Silverlicious. As for Kindergarten changing him I think, from what I have read in your blogs, that you have taught him about strength of character and that he can be whoever/whatever he wants to be. My 4 year old comes home and tells me that someone told her they didn’t like her dress so I ask her if she likes it, and then tell her as long as she likes it that is all that matters.

  3. That is so sweet! And does that boy (ahem, big bully) know that the brother in the story ALSO eats the pink cupcakes and turns pink, too!!!! And that same brother always wants to join in the fun with his sister (no matter how girly) in Goldalicious!

    May Jayce always be that secure and confident in himself! You go, Jayce, that is a wonderful quality to have!

  4. Sure wish I could have kept my son that age forever and a day. Priceless…..

  5. Awh that is adorable! Enjoy it while you can! BTW I have a little boy who likes pink too! The school years are so tough on kids…trying to fit in and still be themselves. I have that same fear!

  6. And please don’t forget Goldilicious and Silverlicious. We have them all and they all “belong” to my 5 year old daughter. But sometimes, my 8 year old going into 3rd grade son will “read them to her if she really, really wants me to”. Mostly because he likes the stories too :)

  7. Keep up the correct lessons with him- he will know that the bully isn’t right. There are 4 books in the set so far- Purpleliscious, Goldaliscious, and Silverlicious. Enjoy them all. My granddaughters love them.

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