Protecting the nest

If we’re Facebook friends, you’re probably going to want to skip this post because you’ve heard and seen it all before.  And yes, admittedly I did go a little overboard on the updates yesterday but it couldn’t be helped; the excitement got to me.  Sorry ’bout that.  PS.  The picture below might explain a few of those excessive status updates.

If we’re not Facebook friends, then you have yet to be filled in on yesterday’s exciting event: I attended my first ever NFL game.  With my birthday just around the corner, we thought the timing was perfect for heading over to Phoenix for a Cardinals game.  Add to that this season’s not-too-shabby record and truly we thought we were in for a treat.  And I guess we were, no matter the final scoreboard :(

We headed out bright and early for the two hour drive, but not before donning our team gear so that we’d blend into the red sea.

Upon spotting the stadium I was downright giddy, and with good reason.  If you look super close at my iPhone photo below, you’ll see why.  That mascot poking out of the left side there?  Downright. giddy.

But there was important business to see to before we took our seats in the stadium.  That is: a brief stopover for libations.  Located within walking distance of the stadium is a row of bars and restaurants.  The spot we chose was so fun.  In the center of the restaurant a mechanical bull stood ready to buck and bronc anyone who dared.  It remained empty while we were there, though; all the attention was turned towards the bank of TV’s on the wall.  The Cardinals obviously weren’t playing yet, but it was so fun to watch for awhile because all those rowdy fans in that place were cheering for (or perhaps more appropriately, against) the same teams we were.  There was a united goal: to keep the Cards sitting pretty in the NFC West.

I finished my margarita and Jeff polished off his beer before we walked over to the stadium.  And when we got in and caught our first glimpse of the digs, both of us were in awe.  It was huge.  And loud.  And very, very red.  The players looked like bitty ants on the field (that’s what you get when all you spring for is the cheap seats).  I made sure to have the binoculars handy when they announced the players and they came running onto the field through that giant inflatable Cardinal, especially because as per my birthday request, the team wore the black jerseys.

There were a lot of tense moments during the game.  Like when the idiot Bills fan behind us jumped over an entire row of seats and knocked over a beer that soaked my leather Fossil handbag.  He’s the photo bomber (white shirt, gray hair) behind us in the picture below.  If you see him, stick your tongue out at him for me please.  Oh yeah.  There were tense moments on the field, too, but none that ruined my purse.

The game?  It was a good one, albeit with a not-so-happy ending.  Clearly we would have preferred a win, but at least the action kept us up and down and whooping with the best of them down to that last field goal in OT.  We left hoarse and unhappy, but not so unhappy that we couldn’t find a {clearly subdued} smile as we left the stadium.  Better luck next time.  I hope so, anyway.  A win against the Vikings would make for a great birthday gift :)

15 Replies to “Protecting the nest”

  1. I was so excited for you, that you got to go to your first NFL game! And I was sad that it ended the way it did, but at least there was OT – it was a good fight.

    We were going to go to the Steelers-Titans game in Nashville last Thursday, but last minute opted not to…good decision. Would have been a sad drive home. Our season isn’t as encouraging as yours. (Not that you care, I know)

      1. Thanks.

        And also, it cracks me up that you’re drinking a margarita at a football game. I didn’t even know that was a thing.

  2. Looks like you got the party started with a WIN for your birthday despite the football game loss. My first NFL game was in Buffalo (sorry about that Fossil bag – ;-)). And Heather, if you contemplate any more trips down to Nashville, let me know!

    1. I will! It’s insane that we are this close now and haven’t gotten together HERE, instead of Florida! I am thinking of bringing the family down to Opryland to see Christmas decorations, so maybe then.

  3. Cool! I’m glad your first NFL game. However, I will have to leave you with this parting shot…Go Vikings!!!

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