Reader survey results & a look at what is ahead

Back in the beginning of December I asked all of my dear readers to take a quick survey that I hoped would help me gain additional perspective as to which Such the Spot post topics and design aspects are most well-received and which could use a little fine tuning. Today I want to share my findings and give you an idea of what to expect in the year ahead.

The good news is that I had excellent response to the survey. If you were one of those who participated, thank you! I so appreciate the feedback, both positive and constructive, that you all shared with me. It really did give me insight as to where I should go with Such the Spot in 2015.

One of the things I found most interesting is that there is no runaway favorite when it comes to post topics. Some time ago I started describing my blog as somewhat “rebel” in that I don’t identify with a single niche. I’m not a food blogger, for example, but I do blog about food. I’m not your go-to DIY and design girl, but it seems that several of you do appreciate those posts. Here’s a visual that ranks what you all told me were your favorite topics here on the blog.

Such the Spot reader survey results & plans for 2015
As you can see, my personal memoir posts slightly edge out the other categories as the favorite, with 23.36% of you ranking those posts as number one. Coming in second and third place were the topics of “faith” and “household décor/DIY” with 20.93% and 13.95% respectively. Here’s the interesting thing about those faith-inspired posts: 20.93% of you ranked those posts as your favorite while an equal 20.93% of you ranked that topic as your least favorite. Talk about a conundrum.

Here is what some of you had to say in the write-in section with regard to my content:

“More travel information-because you always give great advice on destinations and it will make my travel planning much easier!”

“I like how you change your posts up between recipes, family, travel, etc.”

“Anytime you are sharing an insight or personal experience-it is always well written and thoughtful.”

Several of you wrote in requests for more frequent posts on the following topics (in order of popularity): travel, Disney, daily life, dinner recipes, and boy stuff.

There were some constructive comments as well, and those are as appreciated as the compliments. You said:

“[I would prefer fewer] recipes but that is just because I am a cooking failure (I realize you this is a niche you are amply qualified to post on). This is just based on my personal preferences and not your presentation at all.”

“[I would prefer fewer posts on] Travel–sorry–just not my thing!”

Look at you guys, being nice even when you’re telling me what you don’t care for. I really do have the best readers.

Another question I asked was whether you believe that my product and/or service reviews reflect my honest opinion. Confession: I was totally vested in your answers to this one because I strive to maintain full transparency here on the blog (and in my offline life, too!).  I try to keep my review posts down to an average of one or two every month because I don’t want to start sounding like an infomercial. Furthermore, I only agree to review products that align with my POV and can generally be categorized in: food, faith, travel or inspired living. Apparently, I’m doing an okay job on the review front because a whopping 95.35% of you answered that you trust me to be honest when I review a product. I cannot tell you how happy that makes me.

Such the Spot reader survey results & plans for 2015

When I do publish review posts, I try to include a giveaway because I want to share the love with my readers. The vast majority (70.73%) of you are indifferent to the giveaways, while 19.51% of you wish I posted giveaways more frequently. Maybe I’ll try to post 19% more giveaways this year than I did last year. ;)

Here some other interesting tidbits for you:

Such the Spot reader survey results & plans for 2015

I also learned that most of you click through from Facebook and if you don’t, it’s probably because you subscribe by email. Also, a bit under half (43.91%) of you share my posts via Facebook or Pinterest at least once each month. Thank you!!! If you’re not a blogger, you might not realize how valuable those social media shares are. I so appreciate every time someone shares one of my posts; it really helps me to justify the time I spend building my content.

As far as site design, you all seem to agree that Such the Spot is both aesthetically pleasing and user friendly. Of course, that was before I unveiled my redesign at the first of the year.  I hope you still like the site!

Such the Spot reader survey results & plans for 2015

So…all of this begs the question: what is ahead for Such the Spot in 2015?

The short answer is…more of the same. Because I overwhelmingly heard positive things about my varied content, I’m going to continue doing what I’m doing rather than try to identify more of a niche. I do, though, plan to develop a bit of a schedule and try to stick to it so that you know what to expect. Here’s what I’m thinking:

Monday: Décor/DIY

Tuesday: Travel

Wednesday: Food/Recipe

Thursday: Memoir/Daily life

Friday: Posts that are heavy on photography (I foresee this being daily life, frequently).

Saturday: Grab bag


That, of course, is a guideline and it might take me a few weeks to fall into a rhythm there, but that’s what I’m aiming for.

I hope you will stick with me this year as I try to stretch my boundaries and do more of what you all like. And do know that though my survey won’t always be an option, I encourage you to shoot me an email or write on my Facebook page anytime you have a compliment, constructive comment or idea that you’d like to share. I’m all ears!

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