The perfect spring porch


What’s your season? Some of us live for summer. Others can’t resist the twinkle of holiday lights and are easily won over by winter. I’m a fall girl myself but if I had to pick a runner-up, it would most assuredly be spring. This year has me especially smitten because after a year of living out of boxes I’m finally home. We have green grass and tall trees and when we walk outside it smells like live things. It’s downright dreamy. Spring was beautiful in our desert Arizona home, too, but I’m partial to it here in Alabama.

Our new home welcomes guests onto a herringbone brick patio. It’s not especially huge, but it creates the perfect backdrop for celebrating so cheery–and so alive–a season. I’ve already had some fun adorning it with what I consider the perfect, welcoming touches. One of my favorite additions was my cheapie rain boots. I upgraded recently but opted to hang on to my cute gray slickers for use on the front porch. I slipped a few faux sprigs into each one and have them nestled next to a weathered old wooden chair I found when Jeff and I were out junkin’ a few weeks ago. They add a whimsical, unexpected touch that seems especially fitting for the season.

How’s your spring porch coming along? If you need a bit of inspiration in that department then this post is for you. I teamed up with Wayfair to bring you some ridiculously cute spring-inspired decorating ideas. These finds come together to create a welcoming outdoor space. 

I hope to check back in soon with some photos of what my perfect front porch looks like all decked out for spring. Until then, do yourselves a favor and pick a little something up from Wayfair for your porch!

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  1. Daffodils are my very favorite flower and nothing to me says spring like Daffodils. We always seemed to get yet one more snow in PA after they bloomed. I loved seeing them through the frosty white blanket reminding me spring could not be stopped. I do hope you will plant some! Enjoy your first whole season in your new home. I am so happy you love it there and to hear all God is doing in your life, but miss you in the desert!

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