still got it.

Some wives know because, tonight, they’ll be met at the door by a roses-clad mister.  Or maybe it’ll be dinner somewhere with tables covered in cloths and candlelight.  A velevet-y box of truffles.  A little blue box.  A gift out of the box entirely.

No boxes ’round here.

My mister called from work this morning.  I just wanted to tell you happy valentines day. And I love you.

Which, truthfully, was more than enough for me.  Because by societal standards he might get off easy on this day meant for lovers.  On this day of hearts and flowers and chocolate.  But, believe me when I tell you, I’m high-maintenance.  There is no getting off easy.

He lets me know every single day.

I know because he chops the teary onions.  He lets me put my two corners of the fitted sheet on first.  And shower while the water is still piping hot.

His phone alarms to remind him to check the pressure of my tires.  He makes me drink a whole glass of water before he’ll pour me the wine.  When he hears me whisper-singing to any given song, he downloads it and adds it to my playlist, often on the sly.

He does all the work that’s too dirty or too wet or too snake run-in risky.  He humors my Disney obsession.

One September night, we stood on a Sonoran desert hilltop and read aloud vows we each penned.  And ever since that night, he’s been busy showing me not just with words or flowers or jewelry, but with nitty and gritty.  With the stuff that counts.

What more could a girl ask for?  Any day of the year.

Happy February 14th, love.  We’ve still got it.

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  1. Beautiful words and what a great picture! No big gifts/gestures for us either on Valentines Day. It really is the everyday things that he does for me and our family that make me fall even more in love with G. I really am blessed he is in my life.

  2. Y’all are hot. Kind of not fair, since you are also obviously awesome.

    We don’t do Valentine’s Day because our anniversary is two days later and I would rather celebrate that. This year that means going to our local college basketball game with the kids. :) But it is the small, everyday things he does that let me know I’m still important to him.

  3. I had a good man like that. Definitely worth holding onto. I’m so glad there are more of them out there and that you have one. :) Happy Valentines to you both!

  4. Yep. That’s what love’s all about. The day-in and day-out. We “celebrate” Valentine’s Day in much the same way.

    P.S. I agree with Steph.

  5. Darcie, you look gorgeous in that picture!

    We don’t really celebrate Valentin’s Day either. Or maybe we do but it’s so much less elaborate than society would expect. This year we’re in the thick of 3 kids under 5 who never all sleep through the night at the same time so you can imagine how loved I felt when I woke up on Feb 14 to find a steaming latte and a bran muffin from my favorite bakery waiting for me on the kitchen counter. That’s the real deal, baby!

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