One of the easiest ways to improve the curb appeal of just about any house is to show a little love to the entryway. Whether that’s a full porch, a narrow walkway or even an apartment stoop, there are a lot of ways to make your entryway both pretty and welcoming. Today, I’m taking all of you on a virtual tour of my summer front porch.

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summer front porch vignette with bistro tableOne of my tricks for easily decorating my porch for any season is that I have some staples that remain on the porch all year long. And then with each new season, I simply switch out the accents, like textiles, greenery and lanterns. This time of year, I like to incorporate ferns and herbs because they love this growing season. 


summer front porch fern


I try to coordinate the pots and planters I use without matching outright. The greenery I used this year is displayed in rustic metal pots, planters and bins. Target typically has a pretty good selection of galvanized pots and planters. I tend to favor the galvanized look because I think it’s neutral enough for every season. I make great use of these types of gardening containers in my cozy fall patio, too. 

summer front porch with pretty fern


I have a bistro table on my porch that stays there year-round. It gives me an easy base to decorate with a fun new vignette every time the weather changes. We don’t do a ton of front porch sitting but this spot does give us that option when we want it.

summer front porch vignette with bistro table


I think bistro tables are great for the porch because they’re fairly compact and don’t take up a ton of space. For my summer front porch, I styled my bistro table with a cute little beverage station. 

Summer front porch welcoming vignette

summer front porch vignette with bistro table


On the far end of my space, I have a galvanized garden table that stays put year-round. For the season, I adorned my wooden pallet with a patriotic-colored rag garland.

summer front porch easy rag garland

summer front porch easy rag garland

Rag garlands are ridiculously easy and inexpensive to make and I love using them on my porch because they add a splash of color and texture that can otherwise be hard to come by when you’re decorating outdoors. I have a rag garland for pretty much every season of the year.


Another way to add texture is through the use of rugs and welcome mats. I layered a couple of cute ones for this fun and trendy look.

summer front porch layered rugs
And then, of course, I have to post this friendly reminder for our guests to remove their shoes.

please remove your shoes sign


I hope you’ve all enjoyed this tour! How do you style your entryway for the summer?

summer front porch vignette with bistro table



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