Tacos Our Way

Ours is a household in which Mexican food is served at least once each week.  Usually more.  Among our favorite dishes: enchiladas, burritos, chicken tortilla soup, enchilada casserole, and tacos.  Honestly, in my book, tacos reign supreme.

What’s that you say?  Tacos are boring.  ¡NO! Tu es loco en la cabeza.

Our tacos are anything but boring.  They are not greasy or heavy.  Ours are light and do, in fact, burst with fresh flavors.

I accomplish that result by skipping on the nasty pre-formed taco shells widely available in the Mexican food aisle.  So, too, do we omit ground beef, opting instead for tender chicken breast meat that is left to simmer in the crock pot all day, soaking up the tangy flavor of tomatillo, courtesy of the verde salsa I cook it with.  And then we pile on an unexpected variety of toppings that pull in tastes of ranging from salty to sweet.

But enough talk.  Let me show you.

I start by cleaning three or four chicken breasts, which are then placed into my slow cooker.  I pour a jar of my favorite {Trader Joes} salsa verde on top.  I leave the chicken to cook on low all day (6 hours or so).

Once the chicken is nice and tender I use two forks to shred it.  I also threw in a cup or so of frozen corn kernels, making sure to leave enough time for the corn to heat up.

Meanwhile, my handy kitchen assistant {read: helpful husband} throws together a simple pineapple pico.  This one contains just chopped tomatoes, pineapple, cilantro and the juice of one lime.

We like our tacos soft.  I simply brown some corn tortillas in a bit of olive oil on my skillet.

These are some {not all} of our toppings.  Typically, we use green olives, avocado, pico, red cabbage, Cotija or feta cheese and fresh limes on the side for squeezing.

And then we assemble.  Yum, yum.  My favorite way to enjoy these is with one of Jeff’s famous margaritas on the side.


  1. A girl after my own heart. Mexican is the King Cuisine here, too. In fact we had chicken quesadillas and black bean-corn salsa for dinner this evening!

    You so often make me wish we had a Trader Joe’s here. The last time you talked about something from there I was inspired to email them and request a store in our state!

  2. yum yum and yum.
    we love mexican too…and vary our taco meat filling….using shrimp, fish, chicken or beef. so simple, so filling, so yummy. I will have to try the salsa verde crockpot method soon!

  3. I have to try these tacos. I’m not a big fan of Mexican food (I know, you are gasping right along with my husband, who loves it), but it’s because it’s usually too greasy and heavy for me. But your tacos look fresh and delicious. I will try them!

    1. ACK! Greasy and heavy?! It hurts my heart to hear you say tht. If ever you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Tucson you simply MUST pay me a visit. There are two Mexican food restaurants that we frequent–both serve what peeps in these parts call “Sonoran Mexican” style food. It is fresh and light and unbelievably flavorful. One try and I promise you’ll be a convert.

      1. To be fair, the food in Santa Fe was AMAZING, but I don’t know if it was Mexican, per se. And yes, I do remember some great spots in AZ (Phoenix) when I went to school there. AND I just had the most delicious burrito Saturday here in Atlanta that was very fresh, but it was more Cuban-esque. Despite all that, in general, it’s not my favorite genre of food. However, I would love to sample “Sonoran Mexican” in Tucson. If I ever get there, it’s a date!

  4. Looks devine. Is the salsa verde sauce from Trader Joes spicy? I don’t do spicy…but if it wasn’t…I could become a converter! This would be the perfect meal for camping since it’s done in a crock pot and the fixins are easily assembled!

  5. Beleive me these tacos are to die for. And I consider myself a taco expert as that is my favorite food and my nickname.

  6. I have had a craving for Mexican food for several days and you just sent me over the edge….thank you very much!
    I have got to make your tacos girl!

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