Talking CRAP

When first they go off to dad camp I–admittedly–exhale.  The pace slows to a half-hearted stroll.  There is an eh-whatever mentality where once a gotta-get-it-done one ruled supreme.

There is the novelty of cooking for only three.

There are fewer piles of laundry.

There are lazy mornings. Empty schedules.  Lots and lots of minutes to pass doing nothing.

There is quiet.

But before long the quiet gets unnerving.  Through it I can hear the steady drip…drip…drip of a leaky faucet.  The imposing tick…tock, tick…tock of the clock on the wall in the next room.  And then I start to wonder what they’re up to.  How they’re faring.

And just when I thought I might be able to get accustomed to the happy-go-lucky free and easy lifestyle I realize that no.  I can’t.  I don’t want to.

But there are reminders everywhere.  In the still-made beds in their empty bedrooms.  In the shiny faucets and toothpaste glob-free sinks of their bathrooms.  In the hush of a phone not ringing to life announcing the calls of their friends.  In the perpetually cleanness of everything.  Everywhere.

In our house we have what my husband lovingly dubbed CRAP.  The Cup Retention Action Plan.  The idea was born out of necessity, really, after months of clutter on the counter tops.  The kids would grab a cup for a drink of water and leave it on the counter.  They’d come back an hour later and grab another cup for a drink and leave it, too.  Jeff grew tired of the sea of plastic cups of which nobody would claim ownership.  He established CRAP, assigning each child a designated cup color (Torri=pink, Kennedy=orange Cassidy=lime green Jayce=primary green or yellow).  Unclaimed cups became a thing of the past.

One of the saddest things about dad camp is the monochromatic dishwasher.  It makes me miss CRAP.

Torri came home early from dad camp, so that she could go off to summer camp with the youth group.  She was home for just over 24 hours, as is evidenced in this picture of my pitifully CRAPless dishwasher.

Dad camp is nice.  But not nearly as much so as the hustle and bustle, the go go go, the noisy, bickering, more-than-I-knew-to-hope-for fullness of my beautiful life.  CRAP and all.


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  1. We totally need a CRAP plan. You would not believe how many cups I wash, and how much it annoys me. Well, you probably would know.

  2. I’m thinking you guys need to come and visit us soon, and not just because I miss you bunches. I need you to put us through your family boot camp and teach us all your clever tricks like the CRAP system. Because that? Is genius.

  3. I think it’s all a bunch of CRAP!
    My problem with “Gram” is a glass can hardly hit the counter before she does what I call “Absconding”. It’s gone and I must get a clean glass to take another drink. Keeps the dish washer going to keep up! In order to abscond the act must be done surreptitiously. I never see her spirit things away!
    She also absconds with my clothes. I take them off to take a shower before bedtime. I put my undershorts & socks in the dirty clothes hamper. Clothes still where I left them when I go to bed. Next morning they’re gone.
    Into the clothes hamper.
    Or maybe it’s the tooth fairy-there’s never anything of monetary value left tho’.

    1. I’ve been accused of absconding with a glass or two myself over the years. Now I know that it’s an inherited trait!

      PS. You’ll enjoy knowing that this comment made me lol.

  4. We too have had to come up with a system…but ours does not have a cool name like CRAP. We are on the can top turning method and the plastic bottle top sharpie initialing…we DEFINATELY need CRAP in our house!!

    1. CRAP was genius, right? That’s what I get for having a rocket scientist husband: CRAP.

      PS. We miss you already!

      1. It’s less the Rocket Scientist and more my college (South Hudson Institute of Technology) that makes me enjoy clever acronyms…

      2. I’m all over CRAP…we’re gonna totally steal it. I have the picture of Cass and I right on my desk, I look at it every day. PS…miss you guys too.

  5. Great idea! We don’t have that issue around here though. My kids tend to keep a single cup of water at their place at the table all day long – it keeps them drinking it!

  6. I’ve seen several other bloggers post about this way of organizing cups…and I totally want to implement it when we eventually settle down in a house. So smart.

  7. Sorry that you are missing your girls, but CRAP is a great idea! Now that my kids are home for the summer and my husband mostly works at home, there are cups and glasses ALWAYS EVERYWAY (I guess that AE). Drives me crazy.

    1. Sorry that you are missing your girls, but CRAP is a great idea! Now that my kids are home for the summer and my husband mostly works at home, there are cups and glasses ALWAYS EVERYWHERE (I guess that AE). Drives me crazy.

  8. Great plan!
    I’ll slowly be catching up on you…. just got back from Delaware last night.

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