Thanksgiving 2013

Hi, friends.  I hope you’ve all recovered nicely from your tryptophan comas.  Jeff and I played host to seven house guests over the Thanksgiving weekend.  Not only were all five of our beds in use each night, but we had some overflow onto cots, couches and even the floor.  All the cozier, right?  Indeed.

This past weekend marked the first time since 2007 that my whole family was reunited.  As with most families, ours has some issues.  In the weeks that led up to the gathering, I was prayerfully asking for peace.  I’m happy to report that my prayers were definitely answered.  We saw off the last straggling family members yesterday and already today I miss all of them (the close quarters, notsomuch).

Being the foodies we are, Jeff and I (once again) went all out for the big meal.  I kid you not when I say that our Thanksgiving dinner was four days in the making–total cooking marathon.  I was bound and determined to ditch the apron and gather the whole kit’n’kaboodle for a timed camera group selfie, but it didn’t happen.  Such a bummer.  I did manage to snap a quick shot of the table all set and ready.


On Saturday we went wine tasting in Sonoita, Arizona.  I’ve got some catch-up cleaning to do today, so a lengthy blog post isn’t in the works.  Instead, I thought it would be fun to show you the pictorial progression of our wine tasting day.  Cheers?

Here we are, pre-wine. And no, Torri did not turn 21 over the holiday. She came along as our designated driver.

If those two don’t look like distinguished wine tasters, I don’t know who does.

One big happy.
Here they are lined up at the bar. Third stop.
Fourth stop.
Our designated driver earned her tips that day.
Hmmm. Is that my vision or the camera?
Yeah, so….I think we better call it a night.

I hope your Thanksgiving was as happy as ours :)


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