Thanksgiving 2014

How was your Thanksgiving? Ours was quiet, relative to last year. Last year, we had an additional 7 people sleeping under our roof. This year, we were not only missing one of our own (Torri), but we hosted just my grandparents for the big meal. Quiet is good, but I missed the absent loved ones.

Cassidy turned 15 on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Her night was made complete when Miss Amy surprised her by joining us for dinner. They moved to Iowa a few years ago, but she was back in town for a quick trip and Cassidy’s birthday coincided.

Thanksgiving14They brought along the most recent addition to their family, too. Oh, he’s a precious little guy indeed.

Thanksgiving14cMy grandparents drove up from Yuma the following day and stayed with us for three nights. They live in Idaho for most of the year, but we get to claim them as Arizona residents during winter months and I’m so glad we do. I grew up living within twenty minutes of their house. I recall many a Thanksgiving spent at their table. It’s my turn to do the hosting these days.

After a hearty breakfast made from Thanksgiving leftovers on Friday morning, we all sat down for a card game at the table. There’s nothing unusual about that. But…

Gramps can almost always be found at his computer or in front of the TV when he comes to visit. (I enter into evidence Exhibit A, a photo of him giving me the stink eye from behind his laptop).

Thanksgiving14aThis year, even Gramps joined us at the table for a game. It was a Thanksgiving miracle!

Thanksgiving14bHere’s Jayce. He, apparently, takes after his great-grandfather when it comes to posing for photos.

275B1099Gram, meanwhile, was on a team with Cass (who spent more time torturing Grams than playing her hand).

It was a blessed Thanksgiving indeed. I hope yours was, too.


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  1. Our visit for Cassidy’s special day made our trip complete…that is for sure. We LOVE LOVE LOVE your family and she has…and always will…have a place in my heart. Looks like Gram & Gramps visit was amazing as well. So glad you had a blessed Thanksgiving…ours was too…indeed.

  2. Oh.My.Goodness. Amy, your little boy is SO stinking cute! I just want to hug and love on him through the screen.

    Your pictures tell a lovely story. I, on the other hand, did not think to take a single one. :/

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