Thanksgiving house tour :: 2013

I’m inviting you over again.  Over the years, I’ve done several house posts in which I unveil room makeovers or holiday decorations (most recently at Halloween).  I’m doing another of those today–this time to feature our Thanksgiving decorations.  Do you decorate for Thanksgiving?  This is the first year I’ve really gone to any trouble for it.  My husband rolls his eyes every time I mention a new Pinterest project I want to try.  I don’t blame him; more often than not I have to recruit his help for aforementioned projects.  He’s getting handier and handier by the project. ;)

Pinterest project: Thanksgiving decor was no exception.  But more on that later.  First off, let me show you the inspiration behind my decorating this year.


Cute, right?  I never really considered lavender to be a Thanksgiving color.  I really liked the sign, though, and so I chose to build my decor around it this year.  The very first thing I did was create an inspiration board and pin it on Pinterest.  Here’s how that turned out.

Thanksgiving-2-1With my colors chosen, I went to JoAnn to buy some coordinating fabric.  I used the fabric to make the rag garland that’s hanging from that empty (spray-painted) gold frame.


I also found a super cute little squirrel-friend at Kohls.


I used the same white pumpkins I use for Halloween decorating, and made some simple fabric hoops with my two favorite fabrics from the rag garland.  Here’s how it all came together on my dining room shelves.  The other things are scavenged from around the house.


I really struggle with the lighting in the formal dining room.  It makes it hard to get a decent picture, but hopefully this one will suffice.

The lighting in the front room is much better.  Let’s go there.





Candles are so nice to have around this time of year.  I grouped several white ones on this gold tray and then scattered mixed nuts as a filler around the base.  When the calendar flips over to December, I’ll ditch the nuts in favor of glittery gold bells and continue to burn the candles.  It’s like decorating for two seasons with one stone, er, tray.  You know what I mean.

Remember how I told you I recruited Jeff’s help for this project?  As it turns out, the piece he helped me on turned out to be my very most favoritist favorite of all.  It might be yours, too.


Isn’t it purdy?  I love it.  I know it looks like an old beat-up fencing panel, but it wasn’t.  That is where Jeff came in.  We bought some dirt cheap fence posts at Lowe’s and Jeff created the bones of the sign.  And then I fooled around with some fonts and he worked his technical magic to size everything for me.  Then we printed the words on paper and I traced it onto the sign with carbon paper.  Finally, I hand-painted everything to fill in.  That little fabric banner was a bit of an afterthought–thrown together with fabric scraps from the rag wreath.

The sign is placed front and center on our mantel.  Not only is it purdy, but it’s a great reminder of what the Thanksgiving holiday should be about.


That’s all for now.  Hope you enjoyed stopping by.  Come back soon. :)


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