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That thing I never told you is a series of posts here on The Spot that attempt to reveal a previously unspoken sentiment. Each post is directed at a very specific someone–whether it’s the grocery store clerk who carded me on the weekend of my 37th birthday (thank you very much!) or the elderly neighbor who never fails to smile and wave when I drive by. These are the words that I either didn’t have the time or courage to say in the moment, or in the season of life. These are the words I don’t want to leave unsaid.
That Thing I Never Told You | Such the Spot

Dearest friend,

I remember the first time we met in person. You invited me over to your house and as I drove there I attempted to quell my nerves–unsettled at the thought of meeting an online friend. I needn’t have worried; you were as thoughtful, kind and considerate in person as your blog implied.

We had little ones, two-year-olds. Towheaded babes who kept us on our toes as we tiptoed into friendship. We tried to occupy them with bubbles and the fresh-from-the-oven blueberry muffins you made, but they were too smart to be tricked. Still today, I’d say the same is true.

I came to you a couple of weeks ago and we sat in the same kitchen, eager to brainstorm ideas for a big plan. Only we had some catching up to do first and so we sat and we talked and we smiled and we laughed. And then I shared something that’s been heavy on my heart–something that only another mother would understand–and our smiles faded slowly away. You listened the whole way through, start to finish. You didn’t interrupt or ask questions, you let me spill it all out there on the table between us. And when I was finished, when I said the only words I could say, still you didn’t ask questions. Instead, you asked if you could pray for me. You reached out to me, across the table, and took my hands and prayed words straight from your heart to God’s ears. You prayed words that conveyed to me an empathy I wouldn’t expect from someone who hasn’t walked in my shoes. You prayed words that could only have been offered up under the guidance and by the prompting of the Spirit who intercedes for us when we don’t have the right thing to say.

Not just anybody would reach across the table and pray the words you prayed for me and mine. I was both humbled by and grateful for the love you showed me that day.  I didn’t tell you then but I want you to know now that it meant so much to me.

You and I, we may not be the kind of friends who meet weekly for tea or text back and forth forty times each day. But know that I count you among my blessings. Thank you for being a true friend.

**I’m looking for guest posts for That Thing I Never Told You. I’d love to hear from you if you have a letter to share.**


  1. That’s very powerful. I know I’ve often said or it has been said to me “I’ll pray for you,” but rarely does a person take your hand and pray for you at that moment. What a beautiful gift to give someone!

    1. It really was. I’m going to try to take a lesson from my friend and be so bold as to pray for someone on the spot–I know from being on the receiving end how much it means.

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