The Blackest of Black

So…here’s the thing.  I’m not so much into zero dark thirty mornings.

But Kennedy?  Kennedy foams at the mouth when she hears the words ‘black’ and ‘friday’ mentioned in the same sentence.

Are we going to Mimi’s for breakfast on Friday?  Can we go to Best Buy?  What time should I set my alarm for?

I think I’ve created a monster.

That’s not all, though.  What’s worse is that she has recruited friends.  My mom to be exact.  And for the last three days they’ve been concocting a snack mix–piecing together roasted nuts and dried fruits and chocolate candies as if their very lives hang in the balance.  Because–you know–they’ll be starving and all.  At 3 am on Friday morning.  Undigested turkey and all the fix’ins aside.

Two black Fridays ago we nearly came to blows in the mall parking lot.

It took me until the Monday  following to fully recover from last year’s festivities.

And here I thought I’d slid under the radar this year.  What with the big vacation and all.  I thought black friday was unnecessary.

Apparently not so much.

So I’m resting up.

Taking my vitamins.

In training.

For my annual wish-I’d-sat-this-one-out event.

Black Friday.

Do you celebrate?

12 Replies to “The Blackest of Black”

  1. Heck yeah! I love Black Friday! The planning, the deals, huddling in line chatting with my best friend for several hours…and then the adrenaline rush when you get in there and grab what you want!

  2. Nope. We’ve never planned to purchase anything that warranted getting up that early to score a deal. One year I stayed up until midnight on Thanksgiving to get a mixer online, but that is as close as I’ve come. I love shopping, but I love sleep more.

  3. No! :) We boycott it. Seriously we don’t even leave the house. I can’t even imagine the chaos that must ensue but I imagine that steel toes boots and Kevlar may be helpful – good luck!

  4. I’m cracking up that Allison avoids it like plaque. lol ;-)

    I don’t, but if I had a friend to shop with I think it would be fun. Maybe when my girls are older. Or you move here.

  5. I’ve never,ever gone. And not sure I ever will. But then again, I’m not much of a shopper any day of the week be it black or not. I prefer shopping in my jammies in front of a computer. Have fun, though! Can’t wait to hear the stories. :)

  6. I’ve never done Black Friday (I like sleep too much), but I do enjoy going to the mall on Friday, just to see what’s out there and be “in the mix”. This year, however, I am on a mission because my favorite brand, AllSaints, will be on sale at Bloomingdale’s. I will be there for sure!

    As for shopping early, I am VERY behind this year. In years past I would have been done already, but this year I think that I will be down to the wire. For some reason, I am in denial that Thanksgiving (and therefore the Christmas season) is this week.

  7. OOOOohhhhhh yeah! It’s a tradition for my sister and I to get up at the butt-crack of dawn and go shopping. We even stayed up all night last year and hit the Williamsburg outlets that opened at midnight and just didn’t sleep at all :) until noon on Friday when we caught a nap in. We even said even when our kids are too old for most of the things black friday has to offer, we’d still go for the rush of it cause we love it so much :)!

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