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Last Wednesday the kids and I sat around the dinner table (Jeff was on business travel) sharing stories from our respective days.  Because it was Wednesday I knew that the highlight of Cassidy’s day would be her circle of friends gathering.  It’s a lunchtime get-together with a handful of girls.  They all meet in the life skills room and–as they eat–they go around the table sharing stories and updates about what is going on in their lives.  Much like you and I would if we were to break bread together.  Only, this is far more momentous because it involves a group of typically-developing tween girls taking time to have lunch with a not-so-typically-developing tween girl: my Cassidy.

Back to Wednesday night, though.  Cassidy rehashed the highs and lows of her day and then something clicked in her memory and her shared stories took an animated turn.

Today, at circle of friends, we talked about The Lorax.  And I want to go to the movies with my friends to see The Lorax.  We want to hang out this weekend.  Can we hang out?  Can I go to the movies with my friends this weekend and hang out with them?  At the movies?  Can we hang out?

“Hang out” is not a term Cassidy normally uses; I knew that this must have been a circle of friends topic.  A ginger one, at that.  You see, though these kids love Cassidy to death, a world of difference separates them.  At twelve, most of those girls are blossoming into capable and independent young ladies, whereas Cassidy–blooming in her own right–relies heavily on our guidance to accomplish even the most mundane tasks.  Still, when Cass looked at me with those hopeful eyes, repeating her desire to “just hang out” with her friends, my heart moved.

We’ll see.

Thursday brought with it many phone calls and much last minute planning.  If this “hanging out” were to occur, it would have to happen quickly because Cassidy was to board a plane to destination dad camp on Saturday.  But come together it did and Friday night I found myself chaperoning five giddy girls.  There was time to “hang out” at the house, followed by a trip the the movies and pizza.

Oh, that Cassidy.  She was in her glory alright.

There was a time when an occasion like that would have been hard for me–with its stark comparisons splashed there before me like an insult.  But not anymore.  Nothing about that evening stung.  I got to watch (from a nearby table) my Cassie girl  doing the things girls her age are supposed to do with their friends.  Twelve years ago I doubted that day would ever come.  Oh me of little faith.

There’s this skit guys skit in which God is portrayed–chisel in hand–whittling away at that which needs whittling.  These are the tools I’m going to use to make you into my original masterpiece.

I know that God has a plan for Cassidy.  A plan that surpasses my every expectation.  So, too, do I believe that helping her to get there is part of my chiseling.  And moments like the one that took place in that pizza place last Friday night, little reminders that though the journey isn’t always easy, the road is always–always–blessed.


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  1. This is so simple, but so beautiful. I’m glad Cassidy got to hang out, and I’m so glad she has you to guide her on this journey to find her plan.

  2. Your posts about Cassidy always bring tears… not because I’m sad but because I carry this deep pride for her… even though I have no earthly reason or right to do so.

    Perhaps my pride isn’t just about her. But about you. You have always faced every challenge and joy that comes with Cassidy’s special needs with courage and Truth… and to watch the way God is stretching and growing you through His work in Cassidy is simply beautiful. xo

  3. I love that skit…for all sorts of different “chiseling” reasons. Love that Cassie got to hang out and have her some girl time. Those memories will last for her (and you) forever. :)

  4. Who wouldn’t want to “hang out” with Cass??? So glad to hear she had a wonderful girls night with friends!! AWESOME.

  5. Love getting to “go” along for the ride on Cassie’s journey. A little peek every now and then into this special girl’s life. Thank you for letting us share in that journey. So glad it worked out for her to get to do the typical tween hanging out thing. At that age…sigh…no one feels normal. Sounds like this life skills group is doing a great thing. Loved the skit …true, so true.

  6. Totally teared up.

    Those girls that welcome her and didn’t even hesitate to “hang out” with Cassidy (and you) in a way that worked for everyone are treasures. I’m sure you know that. They are the kids I want to know more about–ones quietly loving and living and truly welcoming everyone. I’m afraid I would never have been so kind and mature at 12 years old.

    Really, this is just beautiful.

    1. I totally agree. My post kind of went a different direction but I truly am thankful for amazing kids like these. They are true treasures.

  7. Inspiring. What amazes me is that you were able to pull together a “hang out” evening so quickly. You have an incredible daughter in Cassidy. She has an incredible mom too!

  8. That is wonderful!!! My heart swells for Cassidy! I love when kids push us to let them do something we didn’t think possible and it turns into a moment of awesomeness!

  9. Darci, as always you move me to tears! (happy tears!) But, really this is a beautiful post!

  10. Oh Darcie – how special – the event, Cassidy, and those girls. So glad Cassidy has grown up to the point she is able to do these special normal things. Yes, God as a special plan for her.

  11. This brings tears to my eyes. Can’t even tell you how happy I am to see that cass had a ‘hang out’ with friends! Love love love and miss that girl!

    1. Very true. Thank you for your comment and also for the work you guys do. I’m a big fan and was super excited to see that you’d commented on my blog :)

  12. Once again, I am a puddle from one of your amazing posts about Cassidy! To this day, I feel honored that I have had the privilege to meet this special young girl! I will never forget our dinner at the HDDR and her wanting to sit next to me…that, too, was an honor. God works through you in the most amazing ways toward that sweet blessing! Love you, both!

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