The evolution of a blog

Have you ever started cleaning out a closet or the garage and stumbled upon a box of old nothings?  And–sort of like when you give a moose a muffin–one thing leads to another and you’ve emptied the whole box and now you’ve got letters and yearbooks and birthday cards from 1979 strewn all over the floor and the closet you intended to clean is three times worse than it was when you started.

My hunk of an IT guy (see also: hot husband) says that is sort of what happens when he digs through the innards of my blog.  Only not nearly as fun.  Apparently cascading style sheets aren’t as nostalgic as sappy middle school journal entries.  Who knew?


We’re visiting the way back machine on the blog today.  Quite literally. captures images from the web at random intervals and stores them up in some ginormous archive.  In honor of my new digs, I’m sharing some embarrassing photos–ghosts of blog designs past.  This first one, in particular, is the equivalent of my sixth grade school picture, poodle perm and all.  If you remember this one, that means you’ve been a loyal reader from the beginning.  I’ll totally buy you a coffee next time you’re in Tucson.


Things improved with my next design, but only slightly.  I wish I had a larger image, but no luck.  You’ll notice that I stuck with the same font for my header as well as the gerbera daisy.  I’m actually quite thrilled that I went the gerbera route with my first design because it’s a dynamic enough icon to be able to grow with me while still providing a recognizable element to each of my designs.  I did stray from the 70’s color scheme to add a bit more of a pop.


And then we come to one of my favorites.   I loved this one then and I love it still.  It’s very magazine cover-y, don’t you think?  I also love the way I poke fun of myself there in the header.  Honestly, if the pictures were updated, I could totally see me still using this.


But after two years, I grew tired of it and updated to …

sts2013I liked it, but I didn’t love it.  Or maybe I did originally.  In any case, I grew quickly tired and started hinting that I wanted a new blog again just after the first of the year.  A few bats of the eyelashes and a well-timed compliment or two was all it took to convince the hot husband to deliver my new baby, in all her glory.

Today is my official unveiling.   Here is a peek for those reading through a feed, but I do hope you’ll click through for a real glimpse.


I hope you love the new design as much as I do.  And if not, just keep it to yourself, okay?  Nobody likes a Debbie Downer.

16 Replies to “The evolution of a blog”

    1. Thank you, my friend! I guess I have to share credit with my talented web guy (who also happens to be very patient with a certain needy blogger).

    1. I can remember what yours looked like when I first found you (which, btw, is another thing I can thank Disney for). What I remember most about it was a picture of your ripe belly, wearing a blue dress. Miss Ivy before you knew she was a she.

  1. I think I’ve been with you through three designs now :). Love the new look, it’s exactly the clean look I’m trying to move mine towards. Can I borrow your husband ;)?

  2. Obviously, I think it’s perfect…though it could selfishly be so that I don’t have to make any more ‘teensie weensie fixes.’ (Until you tire of the design next year, that is…)

  3. I remember every single one – especially that first one with your pixie-faced profile.

    No matter how your design changes, I’ll still keep reading just the same. Your writing stands for itself.

    See you in the morning! ;)

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