This Is The Life

So here it is, our fourth full day at WDW and finally I’ve got a moment to fill you all in on what’s been going on.  

So far we’ve toured three of the four major theme parks; Hollywood Studios is on our yet to do list.  Today we visited a water park (Blizzard Beach) for the first time.  We don’t really frequent water parks because with the ages of our kids it’s just not all that feasible but Blizzard Beach was fun, as far as water parks go.  I even learned a tip to pass along: if your self esteem needs a boost, throw on a suit and head to the closest water park.  I don’t want to be too graphic so I’ll just say that you’ll likely be amazed (and not in a good way) at what the majority of the population looks like in swimwear.  ‘Nuff said right?

We’re off to the Hoop De Doo dinner show tonight.  I really should be showering the remnants of the water park stuff off before I go.  I’ll leave you with some photos though.

Wish ya were here!



  1. I’m sure you look just great in your swimsuit. You’d be one of the moms I’d marvel over and conclude that surely you adopted those 4 children, because your tummy looks way too good to have given birth. :)

    3 more days!

  2. Totally jealous and love the pics. Hope you’re having such a good time. When you come back, you have to help me plan our trip!!! I’m glad you blogged because I was starting to miss your posts!

  3. It looks like you are all having so much fun, especailly Jayce! ;) Thanks for taking the time out of your vacation to post some pictures for us! I wish I were in WDW right now!

  4. i still can’t get over the shirts and i totally hear you about water parks and self esteem. Have Fun!

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