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Last month I started what I envisioned as a bit of a series here on the Spot.  It was a post about our spending habits, entitled, “This is the way I keep the books.”  I’m continuing that series today with a post on the infamous Maranich household clean up night.  Because, you know, our cleaning habits are that interesting.  Or not.  I guess it depends on who you ask.  My thing, though, is that if I’d be interested in reading someone else’s post on the same topic, I deem it interesting enough to write about here.  I’m sure the fact that I’d be interested in reading your clean up post reveals something creepy about me.  So be it.

Clean up night is a weekly event ’round these parts.  It takes place each and every Thursday (barring school performances or natural disasters).  It’s so standing an event that we avoid commitments of all kinds on Thursdays so as not to disrupt our cleaning schedule.  Anal much?

At the onset, the joint looks something like this:

First things first: we call in the clutter crew and have them clean up all their crud.  And then we come along with our vacuum and mops, our vinegar spray and roll of paper towels.  Jeff is charged with the kitchen.  His duties include the cleaning of the ceramic cooktop, the kitchen chairs, the granite sink and counters and the stainless appliance surfaces.  Truth be told, he omits that last one 99% of the time and I end up coming behind and doing it for him.  I suppose it would be fair to add it to my own list.  My list?  I’m the floor gal.  I move everything but the kitchen table and couch off the concrete floors before making an initial sweep with the vacuum.  I follow with my steam mop.  From there I dust the coffee table and vacuum the rug and clean the dog-drool from the sliding glass door.  Once we’re finished the joint looks more like this:

From start to finish the whole process takes a little over an hour.  Both of us wholeheartedly dread going in to it, but the end result is definitely worth it.  One glorious night each week we’re treated to a pristine living area.  And enjoy it we do.  Typically, we reward ourselves with a perfectly-chilled one of these:

So…what do you think of our weekly clean up night?  Do you have a similar technique or are you more the clean-as-you-go type?  I’m curious how our process compares to yours.  Also, if you have thoughts on my “This is the way…” series, do let me know what else you’d like a glimpse at.



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  1. I love this idea! During the school year, we have a cleaning lady come every other Thursday, so Wednesday is kind of our clean up night to make sure there’s no clutter in the way for her or anything. But during the summer, we could definitely use a weekly night where we all pitch in and clean.

  2. We have a daily routine. Late afternoon/early evening the girls (9,8) clean and vacuum the living room. They put away everything that doesn’t belong in there and then one of them vacuums, taking turns each day. The boys (5, 7) are in the kitchen. One of them will clean up all the big trash and food detritus on the floor. The other will clean the table. Then one of them uses the stick-vac to vacuum. Meanwhile I will do dishes, clean the counters, and get things in order before dinner. Husband is in charge of mopping and it doesn’t happen nearly as often as it should, but thus far I have not done anything about it. The rest of the house gets cleaned by me (except kid rooms), but not on a daily basis.

  3. Great post! Love your house BTW!

    Clutter cleanup at our house is a daily thing. I cannot go to bed if the house is not picked up. So all rooms are picked up and everything is put in it’s place before bedtime.

    My big cleaning time is usually Sunday mornings. We put on some jams and get to work! I get all the dirty jobs…litter boxes, ferret cage, and bathrooms. Hubby does the kitchen and the floors. The kids tag along and help us with whatever we ask…emptying the dishwasher, cleaning the bathroom mirrors, emptying trash cans, dusting, etc etc.

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