treasures untold

When she was wee bitty, I once wrote about her scavenging.  How when we were out running our errands she’d spy a lone penny or a discarded paper clip or a shiny bead that had fallen from someone’s keychain.  She’d come home with a treasure in her pocket every time.

Those days are long gone, but still she knows treasure when she sees it.

I went to her closet the other day to hang something.  It shouldn’t have come as a surprise–the treasure trove on display in there–I’d seen it before.  But I stopped this time and took a minute.

The things she chooses to keep speak volumes about what lies at the heart of her.  No posters of teen heartthrobs or silly quizzes ripped from magazines.  Her treasures mean more.


a photo booth filmstrip she made with her grandma and little sister

the list of cliches she believes to be true

quotes about pushing harder.  going farther.

She made friends with a room steward from one of our cruises.  She’d leave notes thanking him for one thing or another.  He wrote her back once and in spite of the miles we traveled by sea and by air, she made it home with that note.


And then there is this collage, notable for the redheads.  Kennedy has always cursed her fiery locks, in spite of the compliments she gets everywhere we go.  I don’t know whether I’m right or not, but I suspect she pinned this one to remind her of just how beautiful red can be.


This University of Arizona section is new.


And when I see things like this…


I just want to bottle her up for safe keeping.  I love this kid.


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