Vogue. Or something like that.

Just under a month from now, I’m heading to my happy place for a four-day special event (and yes, I am beyond excited!).  Throughout the weekend, there will be a cocktail party, days spent in the theme parks, dinner out and one occasion for me to wear business casual attire for a presentation.  I’ve got the presentation nailed, but the business casual attire, not so much.  I have, however, put together a few sample outfits that I’m planning to, ahem, acquire before the trip.  I’m hoping you all can give me some second opinions and maybe some suggestions for that whole business attire bit.  I wouldn’t be opposed to polyvore or Pinterest links if you’ve got ’em.  Would you mind weighing in in the comments with opinions and suggestions?  Kay, thanks a mil!

Casual chic
Night Out
Vintage Revival
Comfy winter theme park day


  1. You’ve got great taste, as always! You’ll look fabulous. And how fun to have a trip like that to look forward to!

  2. I like Night Out with the watch from Vintage Revival. Are you coming to my park? (The Original!)

    1. Ooooh. That’s a good call. That would look good! As for which coast I’m headed to, it’s Florida. A trip to Disneyland is long overdue, though. I miss it!

  3. I’ll be in the parks just under a month from now! I won’t be dressed nearly so cute though. My standard theme park wear is shorts and a t-shirt. :)
    Also, we’re going on a cruise next month and we’re stealing your Hot Chocolate Mix-ins idea – loved it!

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