Wastin’ Away Again in Weekendville

     So I already told you about our Friday date night.  Oh and what a date it was.

     Saturday I spent the entire day in my pajamas.  The crazy whipping winds left us feeling confined to the house.  We started out with a yummy breakfast.  I recently tried turkey bacon and have since fallen head over heels in love with it.  I haven’t eaten red meat or pork since I was 12 so turkey bacon is an awesome discovery for me.  I’ve continued to love the smell of real bacon even after becoming a psuedo-vegetarian, but I couldn’t bring myself to actually, you know, eat it.  Rachael (as in Ray) has a number of recipes that call for bacon though so I thought I’d give the turkey version a try.  I fully thought I’d hate it.

     I loved it.

     We’ve been having it for breakfast pretty much every weekend for about four months now.  I guess that sort of defies the whole less calories than real bacon point, but oh well.

     We’re breakfast people.  Everybody looks forward to weekend mornings because we all know that breakfast won’t come from a box.  Yesterday it was biscuits (from scratch – I know, you can call me Martha) and gravy (from an envelope – okay, Darcie it is then) with eggs and fresh fruit.  Today it was Monkey bread with more fresh fruit.  Yum-O.  Then off to church we went.  Oh, and speaking of church, what did you guys think of American Idol doing Shout to The Lord last week?  I, for one, was awe struck.  That show has such a powerful influence on American culture and to see these idols (literally, idols) belting out a song that praises Jesus on primetime national TV, well, I was truly impressed.  Whether they did it for higher ratings from the Christian sector and increased iTunes downloads matters not to me.  I say kudos for having the cojones to do it.  And how sad is it that the broadcasting of a Christian song is considered risque these days. 

     Ah, but I digress.

     So after church we hit up our favorite Mexican restaurant.  Again.  For the second time in less than a week.  Am I the only one who is absolutely mortified when a server at a restaurant recognizes me from earlier in the week?  I mean, we’re kind of hard to forget seeing as how we travel with an entourage.  Having four kids makes it hard to be incognito.  So today when I ordered water the server says to me, “No margarita today?”  And then, when I placed my order, “I’ll be sure to bring out the mild salsa this time.” 

     Jeez oh Peet.

     And here it is, six hours later, and guess what’s for dinner.  Mexican.  Do you notice a trend here?  I’m from California and my husband is from Texas.  Leave us alone.

     Okay, so one last thing.  I made this super cute scrapbook on Saturday.  It was so easy.  I can’t really show you the inside, but if you ever come to visit, what you’d see on the inside are some of my favorite pictures from 2007.  It’s so easy and fast to put together and it delivers a great trip down memory lane when it comes to summing up our year.  I did one for 2006 too.  It’s a great idea.  You should try it.  Here is how it turned out:



3 Replies to “Wastin’ Away Again in Weekendville”

  1. Oh Darcie, you are so talented! Your scrapbook is super cute, and I’m impressed that you find the time to do it. I wish I could scrap! I’m not sure I have the talent, and I only have 3 kids and can’t seem to find the time – what dos that say about me? Oh wait – your kids are in school. Please tell me you had no time before they went to school, ok?

    PS) We eat Mexican food several times a week too, with no geographical excuses. :)

  2. Heather, the school day is my friend. Other than that, I’ve just adopted the philosophy that both showering and sleep are highly overrated.

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