wear it, girl {take two}

I had so much fun actually, you know, getting dressed last week that I decided to throw caution to the wind and do it again this week.  Twice, anyway.  Baby steps, folks.  Here’s what I wore:

lunch and errands with my man (two weeks in a row, SCORE!)

tank – Old Navy

sweater – American Eagle

skirt – Downeast Basics

boots – DSW

You might be wondering why I’m standing in the middle of nowhere in these pictures.  That middle of nowhere–that desert no man’s land–well, it’s my backyard.  Technically, it’s behind my backyard; our backyard is landscaped desert.  As opposed to the untouched desert behind the wall.  Jealous much?

church & errands in town

brown tank – (really old) Ross, I think

zip up sweater – gift from my brother JC Penney, I think

giant flower pin – Downeast Basics

jeans – Lucky Brand

leopard flats – (so bummed you can barely see them) – DSW

Will I make it out of my yoga pants next week?  It remains to be seen.  Stay tuned ;)

I’m getting linky with the Pleated Poppy.


  1. You look fantastic no matter what you are wearing. And I love the leopard flats.

  2. I just bought two pairs of Lucky Jeans for my birthday… and i l-o-v-e them… like really, LOVE! I get so sad when they have to go into the laundry basket because I might have to wait a day or two to wear them again.

    Love that red sweater and the flower pin… they are both really fun outfits, but the second is my favorite.

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